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Artificial intelligence (AI) is more than just a concept or the newest promising investment. It’s a silent collaborator, an always-on assistant, and an intuitive problem-solver that can help teams operate at their peak potential. At Simpplr, we’re dedicated to finding smart ways to help our customers leverage AI with solutions that enhance and elevate the employee experience, and make the workday more productive.

Many SaaS companies now understand the transformative impact of AI and have positioned it at the core of their strategies. Yet, it’s not enough to simply declare investment in AI. The critical next step is to precisely outline and apply AI technology to improve organizational efficiency and the employee experience.

Simpplr distinguishes itself by integrating AI into augmented intelligence, empowering users to actively make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.

Our AI-driven features are not just innovative; they’re customized to fit your organization’s unique needs. This approach particularly shines in aiding users to determine the best next steps in their decision-making processes, putting the power of AI directly in their hands.

We use AI to maximize human potential, not replace the human element. This approach to augmented intelligence comes through in features such as the My team dashboard, which supports people managers in providing insights and guiding them to engage with and check in on their direct reports. Our Employee Listening tool combines survey responses with AI-powered passive listening to detect underlying sentiments and emotions, helping leaders identify pain points.

At Simpplr, we also incorporate advanced generative AI, including large language models (LLMs), to enhance content creation and information retrieval. LLMs enable context-aware interactions, empowering the virtual assistant to generate high-quality content and respond concisely to user queries. Simpplr uses a knowledge graph to offer benefits like personalized recommendations and search results, taking into account users’ specific circumstances and information relationships for a seamless experience.

According to Gartner’s 2023 Critical Capabilities for Intranet Packaged Solutions report:

“While AI is still emerging for many IPS competitors, Simpplr offers fully functional and integrated AI applied to a wide range of functions. For example, Simpplr uses AI to boost analytics and personalization, learning employee preferences and analyzing intranet activity to deliver insights, recommendations, and predictions to intranet managers and end users. AI-powered content moderation helps to ensure compliance and content hygiene by employing auto-labeling, tagging and categorization. Simpplr also scores highly for employee communications, enabling communicators to plan, create, coordinate, customize, distribute, execute and measure the effectiveness of communication campaigns.”

Simpplr’s commitment to AI innovation

We are committed to purposefully utilizing AI-driven insights to empower employees, enhance decision-making, and streamline day-to-day workflows — and have been since our inception. This commitment drives innovation across our entire platform — including search functionality, content recommendation engines, content moderation, emotion/sentiment analysis, theme classification and prescriptive analytics.

Our use of pre-trained AI models for these tasks ensures efficient and accurate data processing for actionable insights on our platform.

AI for content

Auto-governance and personalized content mark the forefront of technological innovation. Auto-governance relies on AI for efficient decision-making, while personalized content tailors information to individual preferences.

AI-powered content moderation

Simpplr AI content moderation - page tracking low-activity pages with options for deactivating them

Simpplr launched the industry’s first Auto-Governance Engine™ to combat the challenge of stale intranet content — a top reason intranets fail. This sparked a shift back to intranet tech innovation stunted since the 2010s.

Our Auto-Governance Engine™ leverages AI to automatically monitor, surface, and unpublish outdated content — reducing the burden on intranet admins. Authors and site owners get alerts when their content needs a refresh. News management algorithms naturally deprioritize older news. And analytics surface content that’s collecting dust.

Personalized content experience

Personalized content has been the foundation of building engagement in the most popular consumer apps.

We believe the employee experience should be just as strong as the consumer experience that one is used to on a social media or shopping app.

With that in mind, we provide custom content and recommendations tailored to employees’ roles and interests. Unlike traditional rules-based systems, Simpplr’s user-driven, adaptive personalization learns user preferences over time and fine-tunes their intranet experience.

AI for knowledge

AI-powered analytics and search are reshaping information processing. By leveraging artificial intelligence, these technologies enhance data analysis and search capabilities, uncovering patterns swiftly and delivering highly relevant results. This paradigm shift empowers us to explore and leverage information in unprecedented ways.

AI-powered analytics

Simpplr AI-powered analytics - employee sentiment measurement in response to a news bulletin

After introducing the Auto-Governance Engine, we quickly saw the impact of building a sustainable, trustworthy and user-friendly platform that empowered business and communication leaders to focus on more strategic initiatives by letting AI handle repetitive tasks. Then we identified another area in which technology could have a powerful impact — analytics.

We worked with our customers to design insightful dashboards that measure employee engagement, content consumption and app adoption. Taking that a step further, we leveraged AI to help prescribe recommendations that help users take action and understand the insights provided. With our Employee Listening product, Simpplr also uses AI to analyze employee sentiment — so you can take data-driven action to keep morale high and retain talent.

Intelligent search

Search is consistently ranked as one of the most important functions of an effective intranet. And it’s another area where we lean on the power of AI. Simpplr combines neural and federated search to ensure the most relevant information — including across all of your favorite business apps — is always at your fingertips.

Our new hybrid neural search builds on our successful and popular federated search, which learns from a user’s search intent — giving employees more relevant, accurate and personalized search results. They can find what they need, reducing frustration and improving productivity.

AI-powered neural search shifts the entire search experience from traditional keywords to a much more powerful hybrid search to get the best of both worlds.

AI for assistance

In the realm of technology, writing assistant refines language and streamlines the writing process, while our AI-driven virtual assistant serves as a dynamic aide — handling tasks from processing updates to answering questions. Together, they represent a seamless integration of efficiency and innovation in our daily interactions.

Writing assistant

Simpplr’s AI-powered smart writing tool, writing assistant, enables customers to scale content publication and responsibilities more efficiently. Writing assistant leverages generative AI to help users create, edit and summarize content, saving time and increasing employee productivity. It supports a global workforce with multiple languages, and is an excellent resource for translating documents, procedures and announcements quickly and securely — without paying for additional tools.

Security is one of our highest priorities, and we ensure a secure and private instance for each customer where absolutely no data is stored or used to train anything else. The information you enter cannot be accessed by outside parties.

Virtual assistant

Want answers in seconds? You only have to ask with Simpplr’s lightning-fast, AI-powered virtual assistant. This tool combines information from multiple sources to provide relevant, personalized answers securely and complete simple tasks. It enhances employee self-service with a conversational interface that aids in processing updates, accessing content, and managing incidents across employee apps, all in one place. We added virtual assistant to our portfolio of industry-leading workplace technology solutions when we acquired earlier this year.

Embracing responsible stewardship of AI

AI holds incredible promise but also poses significant risks — especially with respect to how private data is processed, used and stored. Simpplr is proud to be a member of the Responsible Artificial Intelligence Institute.

We have always held security to the highest standards, beating out our competitors.

These core principles guide our product development and AI implementations:

1. AI must be useful and accessible.

Simpplr’s AI-driven solutions enhance employee efficiency and responsiveness to meet business needs, enabling organizations to derive tangible value from automation, improved collaboration, and increased efficiency.

2. AI should augment people, not replace them.

Simpplr strives to improve the work experience by automating routine tasks and speeding up access to personalized information, allowing individuals more time for meaningful contributions and excellence in their work.

3. AI must respect data privacy.

When handling employee data, prioritizing privacy and security is crucial. In line with this commitment, we strictly adhere to rigorous data privacy regulations.

4. AI must be used responsibly.

We are committed to transparency in AI development on our platform. Our AI ethics principles guide ethical product development and use. Simpplr proudly belongs to the Responsible AI Institute, showcasing our dedication to responsible AI practices.

Looking forward to the future of AI

The market is in the early stages of discovering how generative AI can revolutionize communications. Simpplr is leaning into GenAI and using it to streamline processes and enhance the autonomy of communicators and business leaders.

As described above, we are building GenAI within our platform to reduce dependencies on other functions, but importantly, to augment the unique skills and creativity that humans bring to the table. It’s about empowering them with advanced tools to optimize their strategic impact while preserving and elevating the human elements of institutional insight, tribal knowledge and interpersonal connection.

We’ll continue to look for opportunities to leverage AI to this end.

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