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The Definitive Intranet Content Playbook is here!

Managing content is a crucial part of an intranet’s effectiveness and sustainability, and is a core responsibility of the intranet manager. Yet many organizations struggle to maintain the information they have and eventually lose momentum to create fresh and engaging content. Part of the challenge is that the intranet content sits at the intersection between what senior management wants employees to know and what employees are entertained and engaged by.

We published this playbook to help guide intranet managers and internal communications teams alike to keep the intranet content calendar fresh with engaging ideas. For intranets, content is king. Without engaging content, users don’t have an incentive to repeatedly return to your intranet. Thus, this eBook is focused on helping organizations consistently beat the drum with engaging, fresh content ideas.

To sum it up, this eBook does a great job to help you:

  • Find out what stories and features capture the interest of employees
  • Create an ongoing content calendar that makes it easy to consistently add new content to your intranet
  • Get senior leaders in your organization to contribute to your intranet in a meaningful way

Below is an example of 16 basic things every intranet needs:

16 basic intranet content ideas

Download our [eBook] The Definitive Intranet Content Playbook for over a hundred ideas that will help you keep your intranet content fresh and engaging.

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