Practicing Gratitude in the Workplace

By Hani Khan
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It’s November which means Fall, pumpkin spice lattes but most importantly Thanksgiving. It’s not only a chance to get together with loved ones and eat delicious food but an opportunity to reflect over the past year and practice gratitude for what you’re thankful for whether it’s personal or professional. 

Practicing gratitude in the workplace

At Simpplr, Dhiraj Sharma, Founder and CEO, had the opportunity to speak with Rhett Power at Forbes and express how he makes ‘gratitude a daily practice’ in the workplace.
Employees know when gratitude is genuine and when it’s simply a display. Sharma believes in meeting employees where they are when it comes to showing appreciation.

“Gratitude and rewards are taken differently” he observes.

Some of my team members love public accolades, others want further development. Others just want to have dinner with their families.  Expressing thoughtful gratitude requires leaders to understand what drives their employees. He adds that this genuine thankfulness should be part of every leader’s ethos.” – Forbes

How gratitude is incorporated in Simpplr’s ethos

Dhiraj has incorporated practicing gratitude in the workplace, appreciation and thoughtfulness into ‘The Simpplr Ethos’ to embody how employees work and what we expect from one another. Our ethos keeps the company culture strong and sets expectations from employees to maintain a great place to work.

Here are the gratitude exercises that fuel Simpplr’s culture:

Let’s: Create things that make us better. Question existing approaches. Challenge the status quo. Test better ideas. Change the industry. Win as a team, and grab some lifelong friends.

It’s okay to: Have a different opinion. Be wrong. Say you don’t know. Ask for help. Fail. Reset. Take breaks. Go for a walk. Work from home on some days.

Please: Be kind. Be helpful. Share knowledge. Give candid, timely feedback. Congratulate and appreciate others.

Always: Put customers first! Stay focused. Produce quality work. Keep things simple. Make an impact.

In the spirit of this season and Thanksgiving, Simpplr is especially thankful for all of its customers, partners, and employees!

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