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The right kind of employee mobile experience

Simpplr has spent a considerable amount of development time improving our next generation mobile app that is now available on both Android and Apple iOS. The new app has made considerable improvements over our last version. Some enhancements are apparent, such as the fresh UI and new feed enhancements. Others are behind the scenes with improved security and performance. If you haven’t deployed your mobile intranet, we strongly encourage you to do so. It’s a great way to reinvigorate your intranet program and increase engagement!

Here are some more intranet mobile app benefits:

Employees to stay in the know

Let’s face it, it’s hard to get employees to stay on top of important company updates, strategy, news, and events. Logging into a mobile app is simply easier than logging into a web portal, so the channel change will improve engagement and adoption for many. Plus, with an intranet mobile app, employees can search and access critical company documents from anywhere!

Importantly, it’s one intranet: available on mobile & desktop

There are many internal communications apps that are mobile-only. These are good solutions for a completely deskless workforce, but when your employees spend part of their day in front on computers: you want one intranet with the same information that can be accessed in multiple channels. Otherwise, the classic challenge with multiple sources of truth rears its ugly head, leading to intranet failure.

Keep the company directory in your pocket

If the purpose of an intranet is to connect employees, a strong use case continues to provide employees the company directory so users can find experts and connect over many channels whether its by phone, Skype, email, or even messaging within the intranet itself. In the Simpplr mobile app, you can instantly search and find coworkers and contact them with a tap of a finger.

Cut through chatter with push notifications and text messaging

For those rare but critical moments when we need to notify employees (such as an office closure during a snowstorm), these notifications are the way to go. Not everyone reads their emails. Push notifications cut through the chatter faster than any other means of communication.

A mobile intranet encourages the right kind of  ‘social’

A well-designed modern intranet should be like LinkedIn (note that we didn’t say Facebook). Just like we use LinkedIn, intranets should encourage network building, collaborating on business interests, and using the network to solve problems. Don’t get us wrong, LinkedIn can have its fun moments too, but it’s purpose-built and not simply social. Mobile access reduces the friction to participate: it’s easy to access, it’s easy to chime in, and it’s easy to answer questions. These are all important qualities considering your distributed coworkers are busy with their own challenges.

Good intranet mobile apps are more addictive than websites

The goal is for employees to habitually add the app into their routine. Most phone users are repeatedly addicted to a handful of social and news apps. Before long, muscle memory opens the app without users even thinking about it. Since your intranet provides a continuous stream of new social and news content, the app is well primed to align with this behavior.

To learn more about Simpplr’s mobile app, watch the quick demo app below:


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