11 Revolutionary benefits an intranet offers

11 intranet benefits
Employee experience has taken great strides in recent times. The advent of the modern intranet has offered advantages and benefits that answer several needs plaguing corporate communications. Yes, it’s that incredible. And we’re sharing 11 revolutionary benefits below, in fact!

The intranet has played an enormous role in streamlining communication processes and transforming the organization from within. It’s instrumental in boosting productivity to promote company culture in this ever-evolving digital age.

Every organization must have a private, secured online network where employees can create content, communicate, collaborate, manage tasks and events, and further incorporate the company culture into daily operations. An intranet focuses on employees and management, filling in all communication gaps—at least, that’s the intent.

An intranet is not just a sum of its parts, though. It is an internal communication ecosystem that serves as a company’s home base and central repository. It’s also a multifunctional communication tool—and more. It plays a crucial role in boosting the productivity of the entire organization.

It’s a private network designed to serve a company’s internal communication and information management needs. It is accessible only to authorized users, typically employees, who can access company resources and information using a web browser or a dedicated software application. And, as mentioned earlier, its benefits abound.

Intranet benefits

The intranet is an essential part of the modern  digital workplace. Its benefits in an organization far surpass its demerits. A closed communication system has become the cornerstone of organizational operation and culture in today’s remote workplace. 

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According to research by Prescient Digital Media, only 13% of employees reported taking part in their intranet daily—31% declared they never do. Also, Typewriter media reported that 57% of employees see no purpose in their company intranet. These indicate that many employees still lack an understanding of the advantages of the intranet in an organization. And this is unfortunate as their value is certain.

Not only can intranets facilitate centralized information processes, but they can also help boost employee engagement and productivity. In a study measuring businesses’ perceived benefit of the intranet, 85% of the respondents observed faster access to information as a significant benefit. This is something that rings true to anyone trying to keep up with tasks in an office environment these days.

The significance of having a well-functioning intranet is demonstrated by the organizational advantages outlined below:

1. Improves internal communication

Communication is two-way, and as much as information is dispensed, the response is equally important. The main advantage of utilizing an intranet is to facilitate internal team communication. It helps break down silos and improves communication across different departments and locations.

Most employees agree that their company’s intranet helps them to collaborate and relate better with their colleagues, indicating the significant role intranets play in enhancing  internal communication. Overall, the intranet enables teams to engage in open discussions, individuals to share knowledge, leadership to stay connected, and departments to provide updates.

2. Improves employee engagement

When employees feel a sense of belonging to a larger organization and believe their contributions are appreciated, they are likelier to exhibit higher productivity, loyalty, and innovation. According to Hubspot, 76% of internal communications professionals cite employee engagement as their top priority, and organizations that adopted a specialized internal communication platform witnessed a 30% rise in employee engagement.

By creating compelling content that is generated by employees, for employees, organizations can enhance communication and elevate the overall employee experience. As internal communication becomes more captivating through features such as blogs, articles, weekly newsletters, and embedded videos, it can increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

3. Connects your company across several regions and time zones

In the stir of the COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of remote collaboration made possible by the modern and social intranet has become even more critical. The intranet acts as the central online hub for companies. It’s where communication occurs, company news is shared, and events are planned.

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Bringing multi-located employees together in the past was an arduous task. Still, with modern intranets, employees can see relevant insights into what’s happening throughout the organization, regardless of where they’re based. 

This system fosters constant awareness among employees regarding each team’s progress, ongoing company projects, and overall organizational direction. It helps employees find valuable information on time and without hassle.

4. Boosts recognition and reward

Recognition and rewards for employee contribution in an organization are paramount to the employee experience, and it exists to improve employees’ satisfaction and engagement levels. An intranet can boost employee recognition and rewards by providing a platform for peer-to-peer recognition, highlighting accomplishments and milestones, and enabling managers to provide timely feedback and recognition to employees. 

According to a survey by Achievers, companies that implemented social recognition reported a 14.9% improvement in employee engagement, productivity, and customer service. Additionally, organizations with recognition programs saw a 31% lower elective turnover rate than those without recognition schemes, as reported by SHRM.

These stats highlight the importance of implementing an intranet with recognition and reward functionalities to enhance employee engagement and retention.

5. Increased employee productivity

Having all the necessary tools and information in one place can significantly enhance employees’ productivity. Managing numerous tabs and applications is a real struggle that hinders productivity. 

An intranet can foster interconnectedness and effective communication. This in turn leads to faster response times, ultimately increasing productivity. Improved productivity is one of many critical intranet benefits, making the intranet a valuable business tool that many companies choose to adopt.

6. Reinforces your brand and values

An intranet can effectively reinforce and constantly reiterate your brand values to your employees. By consistently communicating and showcasing your brand and values through the intranet, you can create a sense of unity and shared purpose among your workforce via any of these means; messaging, visual design, and regular updates demonstrating how your organization is living up to its values.

For example, suppose one of your company’s core values is sustainability. In that case, you can use your intranet to share updates on sustainability initiatives, showcase success stories, and provide tips for how employees can reduce their environmental impact. Doing so reinforces the importance of sustainability to your employees. It demonstrates how your organization is acting to live up to its values which in turn helps create a sense of pride among employees and build a stronger connection to your brand.

7. Mobile friendly

Unlike the traditional intranet system, which mainly functions as a storage means where files are kept and gotten, the modern intranet has taken the whole game to a new level with its user-friendly interface where social interaction is seamless. 

A mobile-friendly intranet allows employees to access important information and collaborate with colleagues, increasing productivity and efficiency. With the rise of remote jobs and the increasing use of mobile devices, a mobile-friendly intranet has become more critical than ever. 

mobile friendly intranet benefit

Employees can access the intranet from their smartphones or tablets, allowing them to stay connected and up-to-date even when not in the office. With the ability to access company information and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere, employees can feel more connected to the company and their team. The all-around access can lead to higher job satisfaction and lower employee turnover rates.

8. Brings your workplace culture to life

The people within a company are what make it a genuine company. Intranets are designed to unify your employees, enhancing the company culture. 

By implementing initiatives such as peer-to-peer recognition, leadership articles, and brand messaging, an effective intranet should evolve into a hub of activity that embodies the company’s values and traits.

9. Provides a personalized experience

The modern intranet provides a personalized experience for employees by tailoring content and features to their individual needs and preferences. Beyond emails, employers and managers can communicate with this community-based platform with smoother experiences.

Incorporating company branding and design elements into a built intranet that constantly reflects the company’s culture and values can help foster a sense of pride and ownership among employees. 

The uniqueness of the social intranet is equally seen when employees’ content and interactions are published as they see their contributions reflected in the platform.

10. Information accessibility

Information accessibility is a critical aspect of any successful business. Employees must have easy access to the information they need to carry out their duties competently and effectively. Intranets are designed to facilitate this by providing a centralized platform for workers to access and share information. 

With intranets, employees can easily find and retrieve documents, reports, policies, and other critical information they need to carry out their duties. With the right intranet in place, employees can work more efficiently and effectively without delay in searching for the information they need.

Intranets can be designed to provide real-time updates and alerts, ensuring that employees are always aware of important information as it becomes available; it is imperative in industries where regulations and policies are constantly changing.

11. Employee activity and sentiment tracking

Employee activity and sentiment tracking refer to monitoring and analyzing employee behavior and attitudes in the workplace. Intranets can be used to collect data on employee activity and sentiment through tools such as surveys, polls, and feedback forms.

All data obtained are then analyzed to gain insights into  employee engagement, satisfaction, and overall sentiment toward the organization. By tracking employee activity and emotion, organizations can identify areas for improvement and take steps to address any issues that may negatively impact employee morale and productivity.

Research by HR Cloud shows that organizations that regularly track employee engagement and take action to improve it can see a 21% increase in profitability and a 17% increase in productivity. Hence, a prescriptive analytics tool can help understand employees’ pain points and how to address them.

An innovative intranet platform makes a difference

An innovative intranet platform offers an unparalleled employee experience, as they are designed to increase productivity and engagement. With its AI-based technology, Simpplr provides every employee with a personalized experience, ensuring they can access the information and resources needed to work effectively. And Simpplr’s intranet is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate.

Whether searching for documents, collaborating on a project, or connecting with colleagues, an intranet is the perfect solution for all your communication needs

Your company must streamline communication across all departments and locations, improving collaboration and fostering a strong sense of community. And with features like employee recognition, social feeds, and personalized news feeds, Simpplr’s intranet is designed to do precisely that—promoting employee engagement and creating a positive workplace culture. 

There are also powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, so you can track employee sentiment and activity. This helps you to make data-driven decisions that will undoubtedly benefit your organization in the long run.

We’d love to show you all of these features in action and invite you to request a demo today!

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