10 Internal Communication Best Practices During COVID-19

By Hani Khan
COVID-19 changed how companies employee communications overnight.

Simpplr Research has spent the last six weeks interviewing several communication experts and practitioners to understand how communication needs are constantly evolving. In this eBook, we’ve highlighted 10 emerging internal communications best practices that are helping companies manage their crisis communication, keep their distributed employees connected, and make the most of recent changes.

Not surprisingly, through the course of our discussions, there are many recurring questions:

How is the emotional well being of employees? When a large percentage of the workforce is mandated to work from home, employees need to feel connected to the company and leaders to guide and strengthen employee engagement and morale. 

Are leaders well equipped? Executives and leadership teams are dealing with a lot these days from layoffs and furloughs to program budget cuts and revisiting yearly goals. During this time, it’s important for leaders to be clear and transparent communicators to ensure employees are informed and engaged with any company changes. Employees’ engagement and mental well-being depend on leaders so does the organization’s long-term culture. 

Do we have the appropriate technology? Initially, many organizations scrambled to set up collaboration tools such as instant messaging and videoconferencing to bring remote employees together. Now that employees are settling in, the new normal has left many feeling isolated and out-of-touch. IT departments are starting to look more holistically at their “Communication Tech Stacks.”

What’s next? Many organizations are grappling with questions about reintegration and/or prolonged isolation. While most organizations have more questions than answers at this point, it’s clear that this is on most peoples’ minds. If COVID-19 impacts prolong or resurface, employees will only become more socially isolated and need strong connections to their organization. Organizations should plan now on how they will keep employees connected, informed, and engaged.

Rather than try to guess at questions that we didn’t know the answers to, the eBook catalogued many best practices that have emerged in recent weeks. Topics include activities to engage remote employees, how to keep leaders omnipresent, and fun ways to let off a little stress. You can use the resource to audit your existing activities and evaluate if you have any blind spots.

Download the 10 Internal Communication Best Practices During COVID-19 eBook to learn how industry leaders are navigating COVID-19:

  • How to manage company crisis communication
  • Best practices to keep distributed employees connected
  • How to align internal stakeholders and employees

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