What Is a Digital Workplace?

By Hani Khan
Digital workplace
As we enter into 2020, more companies are beginning their digital transformation journey by using technology to revolutionize their workplace. Workplaces are no longer solely an office or a desk or even a physically shared space. They’ve started to shift towards digital platforms that allow organizations to align technology and business processes to improve operational function and meet organizational goals.

A digital workplace is a supplement to a physical office location and houses the organizations important technologies that improve collaboration, employee engagement, content management, and business processes. Major companies have connected their various departments to allow employees to access content and organizational information from any location via a digital portal.

Today’s workforce tends to be digitally literate and accustomed to having easy access to information through personal use of digital and mobile technology. It’s important to evaluate the needs of your company to determine what technology is needed to digitally enable your employees.

Why is a Digital Workplace Important?

A digital workplace strategy aims to drive the workforce by looking at how people work, the tools needed, company culture and location of where they work. This helps organizations improve collaboration and boost employee engagement but providing them with the tools they need to achieve success.

Research indicates that organizations consider it highly important that their employees are digitally enabled which is why digital workplaces are so important. When the workplace provides employees with digital tools, they are able to communicate and collaborate with co-workers to boost employee engagement.

Examples of a Digital Workplace:

  • Single sign-on features: SSO has a positive impact on productivity since it allows IT to automate users to access all of their applications from a central location with a single set of credentials. Single-Sign On encourages user adoption of company approved applications since the resources are available in one location.
  • Team Collaboration Tools: Collaboration is essential for organizational success and productivity. Having accessible digital collaboration tools allows employees to communicate through siloed departments, remote locations and hierarchical structure. Platforms, like Simpplr, act as a central gateway, or ‘front door’ to all the different applications and systems used by employees within the organization. The intranet becomes more of a digital workplace, an access point for all the digital channels in use.
  • Conference/Video Meeting Rooms: A visual connection between remote workers enables employees to maintain relationships while boosting productivity, reducing travel expenses and encourages more collaboration.

If you think your organization is ready for a digital workplace, here’s a list to figure out if it’s a fit for the company.

Benefits of a Digital Workplace

In addition to improving the employee experience and expanding the digital culture, digital workplaces are advancing productivity and making it easier for businesses to grow.

Here are some outstanding benefits of digital workplace adoption:

  • Revenue Growth: Adopting a digital workplace can have a dramatic positive impact on your company’s revenue streams. Because digital workplaces save teams time and make education and training more efficient, thereby reducing the amount you spend on wages and training materials, they can go a long way to help your brand pull more profits.
  • Increased Efficiency: Adopting a digital workplace goes a long way toward helping companies become more efficient. By streamlining operations and removing standard roadblocks, digital workplaces help teams operate at peak capacity.
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement: One of the biggest perks of a digital workplace is increased employee engagement. Because digital workplaces allow employees to take advantage of self-guided learning, incentivized operations, and gamified training and achievement platforms, it can easily lead to a workforce that cares more deeply about daily operations, and which strives for success.

In addition to boosting productivity and engagement, the adoption of a digital workplace also makes it easy to improve revenues and increase employee productivity across the board.

Deliver the digital workplace

The modern age employee deserves a great digital workplace. Technology is at the forefront of transitioning organizations to digital workplaces. Providing employees with a seamless digital experience will increase productivity, increase employee retention and on top of that, attract more talent!

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