Capterra Announces Simpplr as 2021 Intranet Platform Award Winner in 8 Categories

By Simpplr Marketing

The world’s leading software review and selection platform recognized Simpplr as the highest-rated and best-reviewed Internal Communications system for 2021.

Since 1999, Capterra, a Gartner company, has been one of the favored go-to review websites, connecting buyers and sellers of business software. Their keen ear for listening to customers and end-users transforms into advice and guidance to all buyers on what best software fits their needs. They are committed to providing the highest level of evaluation and comprehensive ratings for every type of software to help customers make the right purchase decisions. Their selection process is extensive, with a quality assurance program that vets and interprets the reviews that are second to none. That is why Simpplr was ecstatic when Capterra announced our eight “Best Badges” awards.

Capterra’s “Best Badges” are awarded to companies who are recognized as having the highest review ratings of 4.5 stars or better overall from buyers and users of a variety of software. This system is highly prized and valued because it is based on the voice of the customer. Capterra analyzed hundreds of reviews of employee engagement solutions to offer the best of what is available. In their 2021 report, Capterra compared the published reviews of the top 25% of leading Intranet tools over the past 12 months in specific rating fields and found that Simpplr scored highest, awarding them eight badges in the following categories.

We at Simpplr could not be happier about these awards because they reflect our customers’ trust and value in our product. We asked our customers what problems and challenges they were solving, and this is what they shared.

  • 59% Said their old intranet was very outdated and hard to manage
  • 50% Responded that they didn’t have a way to communicate with employees effectively
  • 36% Purchased our product as a need to connect an increasingly distributed, remote workforce
  • 77%  Wanted to improve their employee engagement
  • 32% Stated they experienced inconsistencies with communication in a rapidly growing company
  • 45% Shared that their organization didn’t have a single source of truth

We found out so much about our customers through their responses and dialogue. Our product had an incredible impact on their business. We found out that 50% had an increased employee engagementas reflected in NPS scores. As many as 36% had a more efficient onboarding experience for their employees. There was also a 55% improvement in time savings for support functions such as IT, HR, and Legal. Simpplr has at its heart communication and collaboration in its functionality. Companies that bought Simpplr found an 82% increase in more effective communication from leadership, while 14% experienced more consistent communication with their customers and prospective customers.

The greatest joy we have at Simpplr is finding out that our product makes employees’ and customers’ lives simpler. Interestingly, our Intranet platform was found to decrease the load on support functions, such as IT tickets and HR questions, by as much as 27%! Simpplr also increased employee engagement and satisfaction on average by 39%.

Making the jobs and lives of our customers easier is why we exist. So, when we hear that 91% of respondents chose Simpplr over other competitors because of its intuitive functionality and ease of use, we know that our product is making the business world, the digital workplace, and even remote work better. We know Simpplr can make a difference in your company. Keep an eye out for our upcoming report on all our findings and statistics. Until then, contact us for a demo, and find out how our “Best Badges” were earned and why you should choose us as your Intranet platform.

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