Simpplr Research: Internal Communications and the Great Resignation

By Simpplr Research
By now, you've likely heard about the "Great Resignation." As the pandemic has changed the world we live in, it's also changed the way we work — and the way we think about work's role in our lives. Nowhere is this shift more evident than in the data around resignations. Quits are at record highs, leaving organizations asking hard questions about how they manage, communicate with, engage, and reward their employees.

For the internal communications function, the COVID-19 crisis has simultaneously changed the nature of their work and raised the stakes. So we wanted to know: What are IC folks thinking when it comes to this trend? And what are they doing about it?

  • What internal comms professionals are seeing with respect to turnover trends within their organizations, and what they anticipate
  • The top perceived drivers of employee turnover
  • Actionable recommendations for IC teams looking to make employee retention a more central part of their strategy

“Great Resignation” Takeaways for Internal Communications

Here are some of the notable findings from the report:
  • Most IC professionals say they’re seeing higher levels of employee turnover — with only 2% saying attrition has decreased — since March 2020.
  • Internal communicators rated “Shifting attitudes about work/life balance” and “Increased competitiveness in the labor market” as the top two drivers of attrition
  • Roughly a third of those surveyed said they track employee attrition as a primary KPI for evaluating internal comms performance.

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