We Stand Against Anti-Asian Violence

We are deeply saddened by the acts of violence and xenophobic rhetoric against Asian-Americans and stand in solidarity with the AAPI (Asians and Pacific Islanders) community. 

While I can’t speak for the AAPI community, I, like many others, moved to the United States to pursue my American Dream. Unfortunately time and time again, we are reminded that various communities are unjust targets for violence and hate because of their ethnicity. It keeps me awake at night knowing that employees have to worry about not only their own safety but their family, friends, loved ones, and community simply because of who they are. 

If you aren’t aware, Anti-Asian racism and violent attacks have jumped nearly 150% from 2019 to 2020 in 16 of America’s largest cities, including the SF Bay Area, home to Simpplr’s headquarters. To put these numbers into perspective, about 4,000 cases have been reported in the past one month. 

The recent tragic events in the Atlanta area have horrified us beyond belief and our hearts go out to those affected by these acts of senseless violence. Since the onset of COVID-19 in the US, hate speech and violence against the AAPI community has become all too normal. Since February 2021, the elderly Asian American community have been targeted, attacked, and even killed without provocation.

But hate crimes against minorities aren’t new. And these recent hate crimes against the Asian American community aren’t either. Throughout history, Asian Americans have experienced varying degrees of violence and exclusion with their experiences being overlooked, starting in the 1800s.

At Simpplr, we reject racism, bigotry, and hate and aim to be an inclusive and diverse workplace. In this moment of time when many Asian Americans feel threatened by acts of racist violence, it’s important to stand together and support one another. 

As an organization, we stand united with our Asian American employees and community against violence, hatred and microaggressions. Simpplr is taking action by donating to support civil and human rights. We will continue to partner as allies to actively fight for inclusion to Stop Asian Hate

Simpplr is committed to creating and supporting an equitable world in which all employees feel protected, safe and welcome. We are creating a platform that allows us to hear their voices and be responsive to their needs.

Organizations to Support:

If you would like to join the #StopAsianHate movement, here are some organizations to consider donating to:


Here are some mental health resources you can share for those who have been impacted during this time:

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