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How do modern intranets support digital work environments?

The digital workplace has become a necessity when employees are spread out – across the country, or even around the globe. Finding successful ways to bring employees together and simplify communication, onboarding, and more can be a massive challenge.

Once a company has determined the solution to a specific business challenge – in this case adopting or improving their employee intranet – sorting through the myriad value propositions and product pitches can be difficult and time-consuming. Hearing from actual customers, who have deployed and used a particular product or solution, can save time and validate a purchase decision.  

Peer Review Sites: Save Time, Gain Insights

It’s no wonder that peer review sites such as G2 have steadily gained in popularity over the last several years. Verified user feedback helps cut through the noise that all the various vendors in a category can create when promoting their solutions. 

With more than six million monthly visitors, G2 has emerged as the most trusted marketplace for those looking to compare and evaluate software and services. 

Every quarter, G2 tabulates and ranks the top vendor providers on customer satisfaction scores and market presence scores. If vendors make the cut, they are placed in one of four quadrants on the Enterprise Grid® Report – High Performers, Leaders, Niche, and Contenders.  

G2 also provides high-ranking category vendors with a series of badges. Badges are symbols of excellence and satisfaction, and are awarded based on customer feedback. One of the more exclusive badges, the Momentum Leader badge, is only awarded to the top 25% of a category’s products. The coveted Users Love Us badge is awarded to vendors consistently achieving high customer satisfaction scores. Check out why Simpplr is constantly named a leader in this space.

G2 Report: Employee Intranet Software

The Employee Intranet Software, Spring 2022 G2 Report shares product and feature comparisons based on actual customer feedback and satisfaction results. You’ll learn how several industry players compare against one another (page 8!) and read how a leading company in the security industry aligned its distributed workforce with Simpplr. 

Download our “Employee Intranet Software, Spring 2022 G2 Report” eBook and learn:

  • What sets the top-rated solution apart from the rest
  • Product & feature comparisons across this industry
  • What actual customer say 

Companies are finding that keeping employees connected, informed, productive, and engaged is made easier with Simpplr. 

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