Intranet implementation made simple: Choose an intranet that saves IT time and resources

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Tightening budgets are making it more imperative than ever to choose an intranet solution that is easy to deploy and maintain, thereby preserving and optimizing your IT resources. Streamlined intranet implementation can save money, time and frustration for IT and beyond.  

In this article, we’ll explore how Simpplr’s unique intranet implementation strategy is the game-changer that maximizes intranet return on investment.

Table of contents: Intranet implementation made simple

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Navigating the complexities of intranet implementation

For IT leaders, implementing an intranet that maximizes resources and efficiency has become a priority. But the complexity of traditional implementations can lead to extended timelines, resource drains and potential disruptions to ongoing operations.

Research reveals that 44% of IT projects experience cost overruns and delays. In fact, Simpplr research has found that delayed deployments are a top reason that intranets fail. It takes a staggering 1.2 years (!!) on average for organizations to build and deploy an intranet, according to research by Nielsen Norman.

The team at Simpplr recognizes this challenge and offers an innovative implementation strategy that sets it apart from the competition.

Simpplr’s intranet implementation strategy: A seamless approach

“I could not have asked for a better implementation team. … They helped to make a very complex use case manageable, especially in the timeframe we wanted to go live by.” ~ Simpplr customer Jen Bare, Director of Corporate Communications at Sammons Enterprises

The Simpplr approach centers around simplicity, efficiency and empowerment to help ensure an intranet implementation timeline that’s a fraction of the norm. Depending on the organization, the typical timeframe can range from eight to 16 weeks, but Simpplr’s implementation strategy allows for flexibility to deliver more quickly when needed. Here are some stats on how quickly implementation can happen for Simpplr clients:

  • 17 days to re-brand + unify Kronos & Ultimate Software after a merger of 15,000 employees
  • Full migration from Jive to Simpplr for more than 5,000 employees in 58 days
  • Seven operating companies merged under one intranet — launched in three months

At the heart of this process is Simpplr’s modern intranet platform. An AI-powered platform that arrives out-of-the-box, ready to be seamlessly integrated into your digital workplace. This purpose-built design enables the deployment process to unfold with unprecedented speed, making the transition to a modern intranet magnitudes faster than traditional implementations.

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Minimal IT resources required

One of the standout features of Simpplr’s intranet implementation strategy is the minimal resource requirements for IT.

That’s because, in part, a team of Simpplr experts serve as guides throughout the implementation journey to ensure swift and efficient setup, integration and deployment. Simpplr’s team leverages a sprint-based framework that accelerates the launch timeline without compromising on quality.

This intranet implementation framework is designed to provide flexibility and customization, aligning with an organization’s unique goals and priorities.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s a dynamic framework, built from more than 700 successful implementations.

Discovering what matters most

A discovery phase kicks off the intranet journey. Simpplr’s experts collaborate closely with the customer to understand their organization’s objectives, company culture and intranet requirements. This deep understanding serves as the foundation upon which the entire intranet implementation is built.

Jen Bare, Director of Corporate Communications at Sammons Enterprises, said she and her IT manager considered half a dozen intranet solutions before settling on Simpplr. “They really strove to understand our needs and made suggestions on what could work best for us without pushing elements that didn’t make sense for our use case,” she said.

Designing with purpose

The design and build phases follow suit, leveraging the insights gained during the discovery phase. Simpplr’s experts work in tandem with the customer to craft an intranet platform that reflects the organization’s identity, values and aspirations.

The platform’s architecture, features and layout are meticulously fine-tuned to align with the organization’s vision.

Jen said the Simpplr team “met with us often and had a great cadence for how to approach each stage of work. They presented each step in a very practical way and were open to helping any partners or project champions get looped in along the way. They have a great approach to capturing the sites that may need to be built.”

Getting poised for takeoff

As the intranet implementation process progresses, the launch phase comes into view. With the guidance of Simpplr’s experts, the organization’s intranet platform is poised for takeoff. This launch isn’t a mere event — it’s a strategic moment that signifies the beginning of a long-term journey toward success.

Simpplr believes that launching a modern intranet should be an experience that not only defies expectations but also sets the stage for a future characterized by connectivity, collaboration and organizational growth.

Jen said she and her team at Sammons value the intranet playbook that Simpplr customized for their instance. “They also provided a communications plan that outlines exactly what to communicate to different audiences within the organization and when,” she added. “We were able to build on this to really make it our own.”

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Intranet implementation that improves ROI

Simpplr’s hassle-free intranet implementation aims to accelerate the path to value for their clients.

Simpplr’s rapid go-live process allows most clients to transition to their new intranet with confidence in 16 weeks or less.

Jen said Simpplr “absolutely met the original timeframe and budget. My goal was to make a splash with the Hub (the name of our instance) and have it launch on our company’s Founders Day. We were ready to go in advance and had a decent pilot trial for a few weeks before unveiling to the enterprise on the goal date.”

And, as Jen noted, one of the standout benefits of working with Simpplr is the ease with which clients can take charge of their intranet. The user-friendly point-and-click interface empowers non-technical administrators to have complete control over both the front and back end of the intranet — breaking the IT dependency cycle.

  • Simpplr’s intranet is designed to manage and maintain out-of-the-box integrations and APIs effortlessly — freeing IT the burdens of day-to-day system management
  • Employees can access tutorials, FAQs and troubleshooting guides to address common technical issues independently — reducing the volume of IT support tickets
  • Simple point-and-click administration avoids tech bottlenecks and empowers partners like Internal Comms and HR to share the intranet management load — freeing up IT to focus on other strategic initiatives
  • Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine™ uses AI to automatically identify and manage content that has outlived its purpose or relevance — reducing IT administrative overhead

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Bonus: This control comes without the need for change orders or custom development.

From timelines that move at your pace to user-friendly interfaces and IT resource reclamation, every aspect of the Simpplr implementation journey is carefully designed to empower clients and ensure that their intranet is a forward-looking, adaptable platform that organizations can use to inspire and engage their employees.

“I have implemented several systems over the years, and this one went very smoothly overall,” Jen said. “The project team operated at our pace, and made sure we were all on the same page as we moved forward, without a hint of frustration or ego. From Sammons’ end, this was the first multi-business unit cross-collaboration that was seamless and successful — and was recognized by our Executive Committee because of it.”

Learn more about intranet ROI

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Recapping Simpplr’s intranet implementation process

Here’s an overview of Simpplr’s intranet implementation process:

  • Assessment and planning: Collaborative discovery sessions to understand organizational needs
  • Configuration and customization: Tailoring the intranet to reflect the company’s unique culture and requirements
  • Data migration: Seamlessly transitioning existing data to the new intranet
  • User training: Empowering employees to harness the intranet’s capabilities efficiently
  • Deployment: Launching the intranet for widespread usage and engagement

Simpplr’s customer testimonials echo the effectiveness of this strategy, praising its efficiency and user-centered focus.

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Case study: Nutanix proves return on investment with Simpplr

Nutanix, a company known for rapid growth, faced difficulties finding information due to their decentralized communication culture. As they scaled, traditional methods of knowledge sharing became inadequate, leading to challenges in accessing reliable information across various channels and departments.

Chief Information Officer Wendy Pfeifer recognized the need to streamline the ecosystem, but senior leadership hesitated due to concerns over traditional intranet approaches requiring extensive technical support resources.

A series of innovative tests and demos proved that implementing the Simpplr intranet increased employee productivity, efficiency, satisfaction and more — maximizing ROI and aligning with the company’s growth trajectory.

Download the Nutanix case study to learn more.

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Simplifying intranet implementation for IT savings

Intranet implementation doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and resource-intensive endeavor. Simpplr’s implementation strategy offers a refreshing alternative that empowers IT leaders to optimize their department’s resources, minimize disruptions, and drive efficiency. By embracing a streamlined start-to-finish approach, IT executives can pave the way for successful intranet adoption and elevate their organization’s technological landscape.

Trusted by over 700 global brands, Simpplr is the most comprehensive intranet platform that delivers a seamless end-to-end employee experience — all in one unified platform. Request a demo to learn more.

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