The power of AI personalization: Tailoring meaningful content to individual employees

By Paige Leidig
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Internal communication is the heart and soul of any savvy company looking to create a solid company culture that values the employee experience (EX). And when your communications have AI and are tailored to the individual needs of your workers, this only improves EX. 

However, not all intranets have AI personalization for internal comms, Without AI on your side, it’s difficult for employees to find what they need quickly and easily, and more often than not, will give up on the intranet. 

To be fair, your internal comms team wears many hats. And they fill many roles you didn’t even realize existed – such as event coordinators, researchers, data analysts, and more. They can’t be everywhere all the time, and coordinating personalized messages and content falls down on their daily lists. And this brings us back to why having AI for IC is critical to any company’s intranet—it keeps IC running smoothly, and your employees stay supplied with content created specifically for them.

Before we bite into the ins and outs of AI personalization for internal comms and how it can help you create meaningful content for individual employees, let’s explore how poor IC impacts your business.

The negative side of poor internal comms

Communications have advanced—especially in these post pandemic months, with so many employees working from home or remotely. This change has fostered the need for employee content to be more personalized. And if your IC isn’t keeping pace, then you should be worried. With Quiet Quitting on the rise and The Great Resignation still looming, building a work environment that has clear and targeted communications is critical, as these stats reveal:

And poor communication in the workplace has a financial impact as well, with a loss of $62.4 million per year per business. Companies need more from internal comms—and AI is the solution.

How AI for internal comms helps personalize content

AI personalization helps companies answer the questions of “What do our individual employees want and need from us?” Before AI for IC entered the picture, internal communications was a one-way street: leadership talked and employees listened. Now, with the addition of AI personalization for IC, the lane has been widened to be big enough for two-way communication for a healthier company culture. It’s also paved the way for a more personalized employee experience. 

AI for IC personalizes the employee experience, maximizes engagement, and improves productivity. AI for internal comms has three main parts: 

1. Personalization

Because AI learns and adapts, providing employees content specific to their needs and goals becomes simpler. No longer do they have to spend hours searching for what they need, it’s at their fingertips. And it includes smart search to filter future searches as it learns and adapts to individual employees.

2. People Analytics

Every time an employee uses their intranet dashboard, the AI gets smarter. Using real-time prescriptive analytics solutions, AI personalization for internal comms provides insights on trending topics, sentiment, and message comprehension. IC teams use the data to improve decision-making and communications—not just across your company, but for individual employees, too. That level of personalized, two-way communication makes them feel heard and valued.

AI personalization - Simpplr AI dashboard showing how content is performing

3. Live Intelligence

AI automates content governance and moderation, keeping your employees’ dashboards free from clutter. It provides topic suggestions based on its audit and tracking capabilities to keep employees engaged as well. 

Having AI for IC is working smarter, not harder.

How tailored employee content helps companies 

AI personalization for IC promotes team work, boosts morale, creates more informed employees, increases collaboration, and improves company culture. And that’s because AI for internal comms is employee-centric, so it puts their needs at the forefront.

  • Boost company morale. Because employees have access to exactly what they need when they need it, it’s easier to collaborate. Getting work done faster and easier keeps morale high..
  • Increase employee advocacy. When an employee doesn’t need to do extra work just to find resources, information, and subject-matter experts just to do their job, they feel more at home and happy within their workplace. 
  • Attract and keep talent. Top talent can pick and choose where they work, and when employees always feel their presence is an asset to the company, they want to work there—and they’re more likely to stay if they know they’re appreciated. 
  • Promote productivity. Providing meaningful content to individual employees helps promote productivity, engagement, and trust. When an employee feels seen, they’ll view themselves as a valuable piece of your company’s puzzle—and they’ll be more productive.

Individualized and personalized content is like telling your employees “We see you, you’re valuable to us, your work is valuable to us, and we care enough about you to provide you with what you need to do your job well, and with as little frustration as possible.”

If your internal comms could use a little more attention to detail, reach out for a demo and see what a difference AI and the power of meaningful content can do for your employees.

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