Amplify your purpose: A worksheet to identify your internal communications charter and pillars

Internal communications - Amplify Your Purpose
Internal communications transcend the boundaries of emails and newsletters. Internal communicators become strategic allies when grounded with a solid foundation and guided principles — a communications charter. 

They wield their communication prowess to echo the organization’s mission and bolster its objectives. Executed adeptly, this strengthens internal cohesion and offers the company a distinctive edge.

Crafting your guiding star

This downloadable worksheet is designed to help guide you to get clear on your purpose and the impact you wish to create as an employee experience leader.

Assess the current landscape

Begin the communications charter process by introspecting the present status of your organization’s internal communications. Identify the powerhouses of your current strategy. These can be specific channels, practices, or people that currently have significant positive impact on the organization’s communication. Simultaneously, pinpoint challenges and areas that need enhancement. This could include any communication bottlenecks, inefficiencies, or areas that lack clarity and consistency which could be hindering the effectiveness of internal communication within your organization.

Define the why

Delve into the heart of your internal communication and get clear on your purpose for communicating with employees. What is the ultimate goal of your internal communications strategy? What are you hoping to achieve? This will drive your communications charter.

Articulate the mission of your internal communications strategy

In a few sentences, sum up your purpose for internal communications. Be clear and concise. This crystallized statement will serve as your guiding charter for all internal communications undertakings.

Through a defined communications charter and clear mission, a team transforms from a group of individuals to a beacon of purpose, illuminating the path to collective success.

The outcome of this worksheet should be a clear and actionable internal communications charter and set of pillars. The next step is to put those into action. You can use the charter and pillars to guide all future decisions and strategies and to measure their success over time.

Remember, your internal communications charter and pillars are living documents. Revisit them regularly and update them as needed.

Click here to download the worksheet and amplify your purpose today!

In completing this worksheet, you’ve taken a big step towards creating a strong internal communications charter! Remember to refer back to this worksheet as you implement your strategy and to celebrate your successes along the way.

Internal communications - link to worksheet for ID'ing internal communications charter and pillars

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