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  • Why Simpplr’s Social Intranet is built on Salesforce

    “Why is Simpplr built on Salesforce?” I was meeting with a prospect last week and the internal communications person asked, “Why are you guys built on Salesforce?” It turned out…

    January 24,2017
  • Cultural Transparency Within Your Social Intranet

    Making Cultural Transparency Happen

    Transparency is a core company value at Simpplr. Our goal is to share as much information as possible amongst ourselves so we can all be more effective. We want to…

    September 16,2016
  • Simpplr: A Delightful Social Intranet

    Intranet Best Practice & Advice: Our Favorite 2015 Simpplr Blog Posts

    Throughout 2015 we’ve brought you tips, insights and thought-provoking posts on the world of social intranets through this blog. Our aim is to highlight the trends we’re seeing in the…

    December 30,2015
  • Crowdsourcing User Feedback for IT Projects

    How Social Intranets Evolve the Role of Internal Communications

    Social intranets provide exciting opportunities for internal communicators. This highly participative channel can deliver messages in a more meaningful, engaging and ultimately more impactful way. Corporate communication can now be…

    December 23,2015
  • Celebrating Diversity on Your Social Intranet

    Most modern successful workforces are highly diverse, with many different groups, backgrounds, skills, needs and perspectives. That’s not just true for global organizations, but for smaller companies too. Building a…

    December 18,2015
  • Essential Attributes of a 21st Century Social Intranet

    What Makes a 21st Century Intranet?

    Intranets have transformed in recent times, bringing much greater value to organizations and employees. A few years ago, traditional intranets dominated. These were static repositories of content and corporate messages that…

    November 20,2015