Unleashing the power of appreciation: introducing Simpplr’s Employee Recognition Product

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Remember a time when someone at work recognized you—whether for a routine effort, a significant achievement, or simply your dedication to the organization over time? Reflect on how that recognition made you feel. That’s the feeling the best employee recognition programs spark in those they shine a light on. 

Our interactions with others carry immense power and the simplest acts of appreciation or acknowledgment can leave a lasting impression, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation. That’s what Simpplr’s new Employee Recognition product is all about—helping improve retention and sense of purpose, through meaningful recognition, all delivered with ease through our modern intranet.

Importance of employee recognition

Numerous studies demonstrate the impact of employee recognition programs on positive business outcomes.

  • 83% of HR leaders confirm that recognition is crucial in strengthening organizational values.
  • 60% of high-performing organizations credit employee recognition for significant improvements.
  • Effective employee recognition programs also lead to a remarkable 31% reduction in employee turnover, helping companies keep their valuable talent.

And 40% of employees recognize the importance of being appreciated, stating they’d be more dedicated if they felt recognized for their efforts.

Challenges with employee recognition

Most recognition systems operate as stand-alone products. This makes it harder for leaders and peers to acknowledge and show appreciation for one another because they have yet another tool they have to use. Organizations then struggle to measure hard work and values across departments. Without a way to properly measure recognition efforts, making necessary course corrections quickly becomes a challenge.

Contrast this with having your employee recognition programs built right into your intranet. This means it’s right there, ready for moments of inspiration to strike, super easy to use, and capable of gathering all analytics in one place.

Introducing Simpplr’s Employee Recognition

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Seamlessly integrated into an organization’s digital workflow, Simpplr’s Employee Recognition becomes a core part of the digital workplace experience. The intuitive and user-friendly design encourages recognition, boosting engagement

and adoption of the intranet platform. It also empowers employees to:

  • give peer-to-peer recognition.
  • offer recurring awards.
  • earn profile badges.

Empowering leaders with data

Team leaders can access valuable insights and actionable data to guide performance and encourage employee engagement through the My Team dashboard. Unlocking this people data supports leaders’ efforts to run an effective program with regular reminders.

Ensuring seamless engagement

This new product ensures seamless engagement by catering to both desk and frontline employees. This versatility proves invaluable in providing recognition to all workers, whether celebrating a sales team surpassing quotas or a manufacturing team exceeding quality goals. The tool helps organizations foster a culture of appreciation that resonates with every employee, regardless of their work setting, promoting a unified and motivated workforce.

Our mission at Simpplr is to transform the employee experience at work for billions of people worldwide. And we believe that organizations can use Simpplr Employee Recognition to strengthen workplaces and create environments where everyone can flourish.

Learn more about Simppr’s Employee Recognition. And don’t just take our word for it!

Ashley Anglisano

“Employee Recognition replaced our manual process and we’ve empowered employees to publicly recognize colleagues on a single platform. Since, employees are now more engaged and we’re noticing our different sectors of the organization are feeling more united.”

Ashley Anglisano

Senior Internal Communications Specialist
Sam Shainsky at Bleacher Report

"We needed a tool for internal communication, social interaction and displaying and broadcasting company policies, and Simpplr fit the bill. Simpplr is easy to use and easy to manage and produces visually pleasing pages. I like the ability to customize features, such as adding additional fields to documents for tracking and QA purposes."

Sam Shainsky

Communications Manager

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