Announcing our Intranet Superstars: Best of Simpplr 2024 contest winners

By Amanda Pham
Best of Simpplr 2024 customer contest winners - best intranet examples
This article was updated on April 2, 2024 with more insight into the winning entries for the following categories: Best employee engagement, Best intranet usage, Best leadership content and Best branding. 

We are so thrilled to announce our Intranet Superstars — the winners of our Best of Simpplr 2024 contest! Dedicated to our customers, we created this contest to celebrate the achievements and innovations on intranets powered by Simpplr across the globe. And wow, did our customers deliver!

We received entries from customers spanning myriad industries — all demonstrating how internal communicators and employee experience professionals go above and beyond when it comes to driving innovation, fostering engagement, and strengthening company culture for their organizations.

A tough challenge for our judges

It wasn’t easy for our judges to select winners from among so many outstanding entries. We’re grateful to our phenomenal judging panel for tackling the tough task of choosing the best of the best.

  • “As soon as I started to dig into things, I realized I made a huge mistake. How could we ever distinguish between so much top-tier work? One thing I did notice in each and every submission wasn’t just the quality and creativity of work. It was the strategy measurement and dedication to the employee base that reminded me that we’re not just order-takers. We are fundamental and virtual parts of our companies.” ~ Julie Miller, Internal Communications Manager, Internal Events at GitHub
  • “It was exciting and an honor to be a judge for the Simpplr awards. All the submissions were really creative. Some of the videos stretched the imagination a bit and used some creative tools, communication and engagement practices.” ~ Scott Ashen, Director of Digital Workplace Experience at Integral
  • “I love seeing the creativity that comes out of our industry, and your entries did not disappoint. I loved looking through all of them and having a sneak preview of what some of you spend countless hours working on. Kudos to all of you for making magic happen at your companies and truly caring about the employee experience.” ~ Kristin Hancock, VP of Community & Engagement at ICology
  • “It was an honor (and a challenge!) to be a judge for all your amazing entries — they were all so good! The focus you placed on connecting your employee experience to the essence of your unique brands and company cultures is admirable. I loved the passion on display for each of your organizations. It was clear how much the employee experience is valued in your organizations!” ~ Barbara Massa, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at NightDragon

Best of Simpplr 2024 contest winners

And now, without further ado, here are our winners by category!

Best employee engagement

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Best employee engagement winners: Agero, CooperSurgical, TEAM Marketing

Winners for this category illustrated how their intranet isn’t just a platform but a digital workplace where culture, community and engagement flourish. Our judges chose the intranets with the highest “% contributors & participants” metric. The winners for this category are:

These winners demonstrated that their employees keep coming back to the intranet for organizational news and to get immersed in company culture, sharing a steady stream of comments, likes and new posts. A big round of applause to these organizations for raising the engagement bar with their intranets!


Agero hosted a virtual “Give-A-Thon” on their intranet to engage busy call center employees and help them learn how to best use their intranet to find what they need to stay informed and connected. The two-week event produced amazing engagement results!

Agero hosted a virtual “Give-A-Thon” for call center employees on their intranet, the HUB, to increase engagement via the platform. Employees could win prizes by engaging with intranet content in various ways, including uploading images to Open Albums and commenting on specific pages. “By utilizing different engagement forums, we were showcasing the different ways that employees can engage with content, in an effort to get analytics increased throughout the year,” said the Agero Culture and Communications team. “By providing them a fun and engaging way to explore the intranet, we helped to create the behavior of how they should be navigating the intranet outside of the competition to find content that we want to put in front of them.

Agero created the dedicated HUB site to serve as a one-stop-shop for all things “Give-A-Thon,” which made it easy to track analytics and group related content. Managers, senior leaders and others shared the HUB content via Slack and email and encouraged call center employees to “like” it — and even associates outside the call center participated in the fun. “So many people coined the phrase, ‘we broke the HUB,’ because of how much traffic was driven to it,” the team said. “This was definitely the most monumental HUB engagement activity that our call center folks have ever participated in!”


With Simpplr, Connecticut-based CooperSurgical unifies its global employee base of over 3,000 into one mission and vision — supporting a primary leadership objective of a passionate global culture with higher engagement scores.

By modernizing their intranet technology, CooperSurgical hoped to connect employees within all units, locations, countries and time zones and establish a strong company culture by fostering employee engagement. They succeeded. Their intranet adoption rate hit 94% across 123 departments in 45 locations.

“At a global company like ours, it’s important that we ensure employees feel connected to their peers in different regions and parts of the organization through our shared mission,” said Kristel Alliaume, Sr. Director, Integrated Marketing Services. “At CooperSurgical, we have an employee highlight series that calls out the successes of different team members globally, so that we all may feel empowered by living true to our values and ‘accelerating what’s possible’ every day.”

TEAM Marketing

Headquartered in Switzerland, TEAM Marketing recently relaunched their intranet on Simpplr, focusing on empowering team members to easily share and find content. This democratized engagement strategy is already showing strong results.

“Giving all employees a voice and a platform goes hand-in-hand with building community and promoting transparency — two key strategic pillars that help TEAM achieve its vision to ‘be the best place to develop a career in the sports marketing industry’,” said Stephanie Strigenz, Sr. Corporate Communications Manager. “We sought to streamline internal communications by adopting an intranet-first approach and providing an intuitive home for knowledge sharing”.

In the seven weeks since TEAM launched their new intranet:

  • 99% of colleagues have logged in at least once
  • 97% have viewed content
  • 87% are actively creating and/or engaging with content
  • Consistent 70% reach for content promoted on the home dashboard carousel, with must-reads achieving up to 94% readership

“Our previous intranet platform was over 10 years old and really limited two-way communication and engagement. With Simpplr’s platform, features like audience targeting, rich analytics, notifications for ‘must read’ content, a master event calendar, sites for every department and photo albums have allowed us to communicate more effectively, while simultaneously creating a much more engaging and positive user experience,” Stephanie adds.

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Best intranet usage

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Best intranet usage: Workiva, IAA, Bond Brand Loyalty

The best intranet usage winners showed a continuous effort to create content that users view and find valuable. Our judges chose the intranets with the highest “% of users who viewed content” metric. The winners for this category are:

These organizations demonstrated that their intranet is the go-to place for employees to discover compelling, up-to-date content. Congratulations to these winners for offering intranet content that keeps their employees coming back for more!

Bond Brand Loyalty

Canada-based Bond Brand Loyalty takes pride in an exceptional intranet experience — evidenced by stellar usage stats over the past 12 months. Strong support for site owners is key to Bond’s intranet success.

Shared responsibility for intranet ownership and governance, paired with a stellar support experience for site owners, have propelled Bond Brand Loyalty’s intranet usage to 99% of users who have logged in and viewed content over the past 12 months. “We launched Simpplr with 20 sites and 20 site owners from across the business and provided training to ensure they were set up for success,” said Natalia Predko, Content & Communications Specialist. “Our rigorous content governance process includes regular meetings, content review processes, communication calendars, as well as a dedicated Intranet Standards and Templates site with resources on site development, management, and content development.”

Other strategies to increase intranet usage have included:

  • Quarterly meetings with all site owners to analyze their site analytics, highlight bright spots and uncover areas of opportunity
  • Optimizing content searchability through effective categorization, keyword usage, and assigning strong topic tags
  • Regular intranet content planning and publishing cadence, including must-read content like client wins and organizational news and announcements

“We also leverage Simpplr as our centralized employee communications hub, making it crucial for employees to check Simpplr regularly, or else they’ll be out of the loop with what’s happening in the organization,” Natalia said. “Overall, we ensure that Simpplr provides valuable, up-to-date, and engaging information driving user engagement — which is evident through the adoption of the business to use this as the place to go for all things Bond.”


IAA has seen intranet usage skyrocket by taking a strategic approach to centering their intranet, Inside IAA, in communications and across teams.

IAA launched its new intranet, Inside IAA, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to serve as the organization’s virtual HQ to connect a global, dispersed workforce during a critical time. “Inside IAA is a success story for the strategic use of an intranet to support an organization that continues to grow and thrive while managing great change,” said Laura Marchiafava, Internal Communications Manager at RB Global.

Strategies to drive intranet usage include:

  • Weekly newsletters that guide home carousel content
  • Regular use of tiles to center specific information (specific events, employee recognition, strategic news)
  • An internal communication strategy that connects emails back to intranet sites and resources, defining Inside IAA as the location for timely and relevant news and resources
  • Regular syncs with site owners and content creators to align on the best flow of information for their projects
  • A focus on keywords, simple language, well-known phrases and common needs
  • Empowerment of site owners to promote and share their pages from in-app notifications as well through integrating their sites and pages into their communications

By taking a strategic approach to centering Inside IAA in communications and across teams, intranet usage metrics have skyrocketed over the past 36 months:

  • 5,100+ users, 28 active sites, 6 sites in development
  • Demonstrated YoY growth
  • More than 1 million content views
  • 15,100+ content likes
  • 2,100+ comments and 1,100 comment replies
  • 86% average content engagement
  • 96.3 average content views per user
  • 2,000+ pieces of content delivered
  • 39% of users actively contribute or participate

“In 2023, we were acquired by RB Global and today, we continue to use Inside IAA to support over 5,000 of our employees. Not only has it become a source for news and communications, but strategic sites owners also leverage our intranet to host their collective knowledge on how best to do business and deliver for our customers,” Laura said. “Simpplr has elevated the way we communicate, engage and connect. Through the dedication of our application managers to train and guide our site owners, as well as the enthusiasm of our site owners to drive their teams to Inside IAA, we’ve created a proven intranet that continues to attract engagement, growth and integrations.”


Workiva’s hardworking intranet keeps employees at the global SaaS company engaged and in-the-know.

Workiva’s intranet, CONNECT, benefits from a steady stream of content to keep employees engaged and informed. “Last year we published over 1,100 pieces of content that kept our audience engaged and in-the-know with all things Workiva,” said Chris Worrick, Sr. Internal Communications Specialist. “We were able to secure a ‘99% of users who viewed content’ stat!”

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Best improvement metric

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Best improvement metric: OPTrust, Ares Management, TriNet

To win the best improvement metric, organizations had to provide metrics that showed a remarkable improvement when they moved to Simpplr from their legacy intranet. Our judges chose winners with the best improvement metrics. The winners for this category are:

There’s nothing more exciting than implementing new technology that benefits your entire organization. These winners demonstrated improvement in metrics such as the number of employees visiting the intranet, sending fewer emails since employees can easily find important information in one centralized hub, and even the ability to track metrics that were out of reach before. Fantastic job to these winners for implementing a new easy-to-use intranet that’s been proven to outperform their legacy intranet.

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Best leadership content

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Best leadership content: TexasMutual, Cloudera, AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah

This category showcases leadership content that motivates, inspires and shapes company culture. Our judges chose what they considered the most compelling leadership content. The winners for this category are:

Leaders at these organizations have gone above and beyond by leveraging the intranet to deepen connections with employees and increase alignment on shared goals and objectives. Bravo for creating leadership content that is fun and engaging!

AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah

Designed to align AAA team members on the organization’s guiding principle while showing the human side of leadership, the “Behind the Blocks” executive content series drove high employee engagement.

“At the heart of our organization lies The AAA Way, a guiding principle that empowers our Team Members (employees) to excel in serving our Members and creating a great place to work,” said Sergio Avila, Internal Communications Manager, AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah. So how do you align more than 5,200 employees on that principle while showcasing the human side of the organization’s decision-makers? A compelling leadership content series.

The 2023 “Behind the Blocks” series features a captivating blend of informal interviews and strategic Jenga showdowns with the executive team, tackling authentic conversations in an engaging and relatable manner. “The series has been met with resounding success, as evidenced by enthusiastic feedback and engagement from Team Members,” Sergio said. The series drove a 41% increase in likes and 17% increase in comments compared to other intranet content.


Ireland-based Cloudera often takes a fun approach to leadership interviews, combining business insights with personal successes, achievements, interests and fun facts.

Cloudera’s human-first approach to leadership communications shines through in the company’s recent series of e-staff interviews. “In Cloudera, usually the leadership content that receives the greatest attention is in the ‘fun’ content category,” said Dora Feher, Sr. IT Project Manager. “We have a strong, core culture of leadership interviews, which includes not just business but personal successes, achievements, interests and fun facts.”

The recent series of interviews with leaders including Cloudera’s CEO, CFO, CISO and CMO combined business and personal insights to paint more vibrant, accessible portraits of each featured leader. “I often hear in the company — especially from people with long tenure — that it’s the people in Cloudera who always keep them going,” Dora said. “I think this is a great indicator that we truly care for and about each other, not just as colleagues, but as individuals, too.”

Texas Mutual Insurance Company

The internal comms team at Texas Mutual Insurance Company put a fun engagement twist on an intranet series that spotlights the company’s new CEO.

To share the exciting news that Texas Mutual Insurance Company’s longtime employee, Jeanette Ward, was named the company’s first female president and CEO, the internal communications team created the “3 things with Jeanette” intranet series to help employees get to know her better and stay in the know on company initiatives. Texas Mutual posted three episodes of Jeanette sharing what’s on her mind and encouraging employees to connect through a fun engagement challenge. For example, in the first episode, Jeanette shared two truths and a lie. The first person to guess the lie in the comments won a YETI.

For each short episode, the internal communications team recommended three focal topics, provided talking points to Jeanette, filmed in less than an hour, and delivered quickly. “This approach made for a light lift on the part of our new CEO from a time perspective and a content perspective,” Jimmy said. And engagement has soared, with the episodes garnering 2,588 views, 95 likes and 77 comments and replies.

“Employees shared in the comments how proud they are to work at Texas Mutual with Jeanette leading the way,” said Jimmy Daus, Communications Specialist. “In addition to the positive engagement from employees, Jeanette also jumped in and responded to comments within the post. This helped create a sense of community on our intranet and gave employees an avenue for connecting with our CEO.”

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Best video content

The intranet superstars for this category shared video content that’s helped drive business outcomes, boost engagement, or elevate the employee experience. Our judges chose what they considered the most compelling video content. The winners for this category are:

The internal communicators at these organizations know how to make employee communications shine through video content. With videos that put a hilarious spin on their intranet launch to reels that showcase the impact of employees’ efforts and what it’s like working in different locations, congratulations to these organizations for their creative use of video content to enhance the employee experience.

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Best video content: Solarity Credit Union, Silicon Labs, OneSource Virtual

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Best branding

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Best branding: Snowflake, Samet Corporation, Infrastructure Advisory Group

For this category, winners illustrated how they’ve woven their organization’s visual brand throughout the intranet. Our judges chose what they considered the most brilliant branding. The winners for this category are:

These winners demonstrated that they have a keen eye for design — leaning into their brands’ unique graphics, color palettes and more to make their intranets 100% their own. Kudos to these winners for reflecting their brands on their intranets with such thoughtfulness and finesse!

Infrastructure Advisory Group

Australia-based Infrastructure Advisory Group (IAG) commissioned artwork by a local Indigenous artist to signify the start of the organization’s “Reconciliation journey.” The design represents IAG’s growth, values, progress and connection with partners and communities, and pays respects to the traditional owners of the country in which IAG works.

IAG launched their intranet, The Loop, in February 2023. “From the outset, we wanted to showcase our visual identity on the platform through the incorporation of our colour pallet and First Nation’s artwork, creating a vibrant, eye-catching and cohesive look and feel that translated across the homepage, sites and content,” said Kate Konstantinou, Manager of Business Development and Communications. “Effectively using IAG’s artwork and branding has helped to further connect our staff to the IAG brand and strengthened our internal culture. By incorporating a consistent look and feel on all our content, we have built audience familiarity and recognition.”

IAG Chief Corporate Officer Alex Taub said maintaining a strong and engaged corporate culture was vital through IAG’s recent period of rapid growth. “Enhancing our connection to IAG’s brand has been a critical element to maintaining employee engagement through a period of growth and change,” he said. “The look and feel of The Loop played a key role in defining who we are as an organisation and represents the vibrant and dynamic corporate culture we value so much.”

Samet Corporation

A focus on intentional design throughout North Carolina-based Samet Corporation’s intranet, SametNet, has created a cohesive brand identity across regional sites and different departments.

“We have an absolute design phenom who made it her mission to ensure Samet has a cohesive brand, and that is reflected in every design decision and graphic we produce,” said Sam Wroblewski, Internal Communications Specialist. “From graphics to color toning, the strength of our style rivals much larger companies.”


Snowflake’s unified employee experience platform, The Fridge, is the only refrigerator you can open daily to find something new without stocking it yourself!

For the video to launch Snowflake’s intranet, The Fridge, “Our team wanted to lean into the blue hues that are iconic to our company’s brand and the cool nature of Snowflake’s name while differentiating ourselves from what employees would typically see at Snowflake,” said Sr. Employee Communications Manager Aubriana Muna.

Taking inspiration from brands like SMEG and Frigidaire, the team created a retro-style refrigerator packed with news and culture to keep employees full. They designed site icons to mimic fridge magnets, with wittily titled sites such as “The Crisper” to help content managers keep their content fresh. “The launch video of The Fridge demonstrates The Fridge brand perfectly, as well as the executive-level partnership from our CIO and CMO that made it a reality,” Aubriana said.

Please note: Snowflake preferred not to share their video publicly.

Best intranet name

This category represents the intranet names that truly reflect the culture and identity of their workplace, embodying their organization’s values and mission. Our judges chose what they considered the most captivating names. The winners for this category are:

These organizations strategically picked an intranet name that echoes their values, has significant cultural relevance for their organization, and is catchy enough for their employees to remember. Shoutout to these organizations for coming up with such clever names for their intranets!

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Best intranet name: Avalara, Sunrun, Missouri Employees Mutual (MEM)

Most creative use of intranet

The standout achievers for this category illustrated how they’ve taken their intranet to new heights in unconventional ways. Our judges chose what they considered the most creative use cases. The winners for this category are:

It’s no easy task to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary on the intranet. These organizations devised creative strategies to drive engagement — including gamification to boost engagement with important company news and campaigns inspired by “America’s Got Talent.” Awesome job using the intranet in creative ways!

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Most creative use of intranet: Ivanti, Nutanix, Quantexa

Most effective for recognizing employees

These organizations successfully highlighted how they leverage the intranet to appreciate and celebrate employees is a powerful way to reinforce a positive and supportive workplace. Our judges chose what they considered the most effective recognition use cases. The winners for this category are:

These organizations have unleashed the power of appreciation — using their intranet to recognize and reward employees for exceptional performance, demonstrating company values, even celebrating milestones outside of work. Congratulations for using the intranet to help employees feel valued and more connected to your organizations!

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Most effective for recognizing employees: Quartz Health Solutions, Credit Acceptance, Zembl

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Best employee onboarding experience or site

This final category is dedicated to organizations that make the most of the intranet to help get new hires up to speed and immersed in company culture. Our judges chose what they considered the best employee onboarding experience or site. The winners for this category are:

These organizations showed that they leverage the intranet to get new employees up-to-date with important news and information while immersing them in company culture starting on day one. Congratulations for creating intranet-based onboarding experiences that give new employees all they need to succeed from one central space!

Best of Simpplr 2024 intranet contest winners - Best employee onboarding experience or site: Grafana Labs, Option Care Health, Sargent & Lundy

Prizes for contest winners

A huge thank you to all customers who entered our first Best of Simpplr contest. And more kudos to our winners for your exceptional use of our modern intranet platform to enhance and elevate the employee experience at your organizations.

All winners will receive an exclusive Intranet Superstar badge for their intranet and website, plus a virtual experience for their team worth up to $500 or a $500 charity donation.

Bookmark this blog post — we’ll continue to update it with content from the winning entries!

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