Simpplr spotlight: Latest product features and updates

Simpplr Spotlight on Latest Products
From Smart Answers powered by GenAI to streamlined survey sharing, engaging intranet video and audio, and beefed-up recognition analytics, here’s what you need to know about Simpplr’s latest release. 

Check out the highlights below and request a demo to see these features in action!

Unlock new levels of employee productivity with Smart Answers

Get relevant answers, fast. Our latest update to Search, Smart Answers, uses RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) to not only understand and retrieve information; it generates a key summary based on that information. Simply ask a question, and you’ll get the best “human” answer possible based on the intranet content and integrated sources.

Smart AND secure

The Smart Answers feature is built on Simpplr’s secure platform and utilizes large language models (LLMs) through Microsoft’s Azure platform — providing a higher level of security and trust and more control over the data that we pass to them. The data is encrypted on Azure servers, deleted after a short while, and not used for any other purpose, including training LLMs.

Videos showcased front and center

The carousel is one of the most effective channels for consumption. With this release, Native videos created and hosted on your Simpplr intranet can now be displayed and played directly on home and site carousels. This long-awaited feature allows App managers to enable on-hover autoplay on videos across the platform. That’s sure to drive more user engagement and help employees consume important information without ever having to leave the dashboard.

Build a better culture with recognition insights on My team

Studies show employee recognition is a powerful motivator for job satisfaction and performance. When managers are equipped with a recognition leaderboard of their team, they can take informed action. This latest release enhances the My Team dashboard with a leaderboard that highlights both the recognition given and received by each direct report.

These insights empower people leaders to identify employees who may benefit from more feedback, acknowledge hard work to boost employee engagement, and cultivate a positive culture within the team.

Simpplr spotlight -employee recognition leaderboard showing three employees along with number of times for recognition received and recognition given

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Listen up! Enrich your intranet with audio

Offering content in different formats to suit individual interests and learning styles improves consumption and knowledge retention. Feed, tiles and attachments in Simpplr now support audio files, such as podcasts. Employees can listen to an audio snippet directly on a feed post or tile, as well as attach supported audio file types to posts.

  • Audio upload functionality adheres to existing file upload permissions, ensuring seamless integration with our platform’s security measures
  • Both audio upload and playback features are accessible on the web app, and will soon be coming to mobile, providing a consistent experience for all users
  • Multiple audio file formats are supported, including M4A, FLAC, AAC, MP3 and WAV

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Deeper insights and analytics to improve EX

Simpplr’s Insights and Analytics go deeper than just metrics, helping managers drive not only adoption and engagement, but surfacing employee sentiment, feedback and behavioral signals to enable action that can improve the employee experience. We’ve made our analytics even stronger to allow for:

  • More frequent data updates to enable faster response times (every three hours)
  • Better performance and faster load times
  • Unique clicks in newsletters to understand what engages your audience the most.

Recognition analytics

We’ve also enhanced the Recognition analytics dashboard to give managers a bird’s eye view into the health and activity of the organization’s recognition program, in addition to the ability to view raw award data like award name, award giver, award receiver(s) and date awarded.

Simpplr spotlight - recognition dashboard showing analytics and graphical breakdown

Sharing surveys to boost participation and make feedback more transparent

As an essential element of an employee listening strategy, Simpplr Surveys capture rich feedback with built-in pulse, engagement and all-purpose surveys, and prompt action on the insights to improve the employee experience.

Surveys help leaders understand employee needs through passive listening that continuously gathers millions of data points across the platform to detect emotions, sentiment and platform usage patterns.

These insights are then surfaced into dashboards, allowing employers to proactively address potential issues, opportunities and trends — ultimately leading to improved engagement, retention and productivity among employees.

Our latest updates make sharing surveys even easier for managers:

  • Increase survey participation rates with added distribution channels to Slack and Microsoft Teams, meeting employees where they are.
  • Share detailed survey reports with stakeholders to better alignment and enable informed decision-making.

Simpplr spotlight - links for sharing a survey to Slack or Microsoft Teams

Simpplr spotlight - links for sharing a survey to Slack or Microsoft Teams

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EX·AI to detect emotions 🙂

Simpplr AI is purpose-built for the employee experience. Continuing AI innovation, we’ve upgraded the Perception dashboard with an emotions detections model (English-only for now).

The Perception dashboard uses AI for passive listening to analyze posts, comments and replies to surface underlying emotions, sentiments and themes within your organization — enabling you to understand how employees are feeling and reacting to news and content.

Our EX·AI now takes standard emojis into context. For example, the phrase “I’m good :)” carries a higher positive sentiment value than “I’m good,” helping you understand employee emotions more accurately.

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Leading innovation

That’s just a glimpse into our latest product features and updates. If you’re an existing customer, we hope these enhancements will help elevate the employee experience at your organization. And if you’re not yet benefiting from all that Simpplr has to offer, be sure to request a demo today to learn more!

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