Future State upgrades its employee communication practices with Simpplr

"Future State’s highly distributed workforce requires effective communication across our team. Simpplr’s easy-to-use and visual digital workplace platform has enabled us to significantly increase our communications efficiency and empower our employees to connect with each other."

Kathy Krumpe



Get to know Future State


Future State is a consulting firm that enables extraordinary visions that positively impact the world headquartered in Oakland, CA. Future State is a purpose-driven, women-led, employee owned, and a certified B-Corporation that works with Fortune 500 and high growth mid-sized organizations to ensure people are the center of focus to achieve lasting change.


No intranet, multiple / disjointed employee apps


Future State employs approximately 100 employees, and although its headquarters is in the San Francisco bay area, 98% of its employees work remotely for part of their time. At any point in time, Future State is involved in 100 active projects.

To successfully deliver on these consulting projects, Future State relies on a combination of full-time employees and consultants, many of which have never physically met each other. Furthermore, because of its complex multi-year projects with global organizations, Future State needed a more efficient way to capture this institutional memory and enable its consultants to ramp up faster as they moved from one project to another.


One, unified digital workplace, all apps integrated

25% increase in communications efficiency

Brought context to the content on Box

Increased sense of community and collaboration


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