NEI Investments achieves world-class employee retention with Simpplr

"With Simpplr, our employees feel more connected to NEI’s purpose and strategy. All of our content is easy to access and easy to keep up to date. This has not only improved employee productivity but has also dramatically increased employee engagement and overall satisfaction scores."

Steve Wylie

Director, Digital Strategy & Marketing


Get to know NEI Investments


NEI Investments (NEI) is a mutual fund company that is committed to making excellent, independent portfolio managers accessible to Canadian retail investors through three competitive fund families: NEI Funds, Northwest Funds, and Ethical Funds. With true active management and a relentless, disciplined focus on risk management, NEI strives to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors as they work toward their financial goals and a secure future. NEI is headquartered in Toronto and has approximately $6.5 billion in assets under management.


Employees began to surface communication challenges


NEI has grown, becoming more geographically dispersed, with offices across Canada and many remote employees. Connecting employees in three corporate offices and numerous home offices was a challenge. Users were getting burned out on email. Important news was easy to ignore and delete. Communications seemed unilateral, with little two-way dialogue. Departments operated in silos. Relying on shared network drives was a challenge for salespeople trying to find content on the road. Version control was a difficult when many people relied on their email archive to find content. With no platform for collaboration and communication, HR, marketing, finance, and many other teams were answering the same questions over and over.


Site ownership dispersed across 14 departments

Employee retention exceeds industry average

Reduced email volume

Increased collaboration across geos and departments


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