Quantcast gives employees a “central hub” with Simpplr

"Simpplr has enabled Quantcast employees to work more efficiently, productively and collaboratively. The technology supports our efforts in driving awareness and engagement among our global teams and helps Internal Communications make informed decisions about which priorities to focus on."

Justine Houser

Global Internal Communications Manager


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Quantcast is on a mission to help brands grow in the AI era. Since 2006, they’ve built Q, the world’s largest AI-driven audience behavior platform for the open internet today.Q powers the Quantcast Intelligence Cloud, a suite of audience insights, targeting and measurement solutions designed to understand, influence, convert and measure the consumer journey.


Inconsistent messaging to customers and prospects.


Like many successful startups, Quantcast has grown tremendously since it was founded in 2006. As the company became more distributed, various technologies including wikis, Google Drive, SharePoint, and Slack were adopted to help support their cross-functional collaboration. Employees were sourcing information from different locations, leading to inefficiencies within the business. Furthermore, different parts of the organization were speaking about the company in different ways, which resulted in inconsistent messaging to customers and prospects.


Business Results

Distributed ownership keeps intranet current

Integrates easily with existing technologies

Customer Success team helps keep employees engaged


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