Unified Communication Boosts Intranet Adoption and Elevates Employee Engagement at Malwarebytes

Onboarding this intranet was the simplest software implementation I’ve ever gone through, and I’ve done a lot—from new websites, new learning management systems, other intranets, and all kinds of things. This was easy. Why Simpplr? Because it’s beautifully simple.

Laura Klieves

VP Head of people


Get to know Malwarebytes


Since 2008, Malwarebytes has been the top-rated endpoint protection and a number 1 choice for users. With over 800 global employees, Malwarebytes is leading the way in cybersecurity and employee engagement.

Meet BytesNet: Malwarebytes ultimate intranet built on Simpplr

  • Centralized Engagement: A hub for employees, providing a single source of truth. Employees actively share, interact, and redirect peers using BytesNet links.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: New employees receive 30 days of dedicated onboarding content.
  • Smart Content Management: Moderation prompts ensure up-to-date information, while permissions allow flexible content management.
  • Interactive Dashboards: Comms and HR team enhances engagement with regularly updated news carousels, all managed without coding.
  • Insightful Analytics: Monitors engagement metrics, from open rates to content search patterns.
  • Impressive Impact: Engagement levels soar to 65%-75%; 94% adoption in the first year and a 15% increase in employee sentiment.
  • Seamless Implementation: “Onboarding this intranet was the easiest software implementation I’ve done… Because it’s beautifully simple with Simpplr.”


Keeping a digital- first, hybrid workplace connected


Since 2008, Malwarebytes has been a recognized leader in the cybersecurity industry, winning numerous accolades for being the highest-rated endpoint protection and the #1 endpoint protection platform choice by users. To reach a broader market and provide specialized support, Malwarebytes partners with value-added resellers (VAR), managed service providers (MSPs), and computer repair shops.

Malwarebytes has 800+ employees globally, and optimal management is a top priority. With security at the core of the company’s mission and offering, any miscommunications that could compromise these efforts would result in a loss of confidence from either customers or employees.


BytesNet surpasses engagement expectations

94% workforce adoption of BytesNet

65%-75% employee engagement

15% lift in employee sentiment


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