VitalWare boosts employee alignment amidst rapid growth

"Amidst such rapid company growth, Simpplr helped us minimize chaos, speed up employee onboarding, and connect employees with each other."

Leslee Paganelli

Ambassador, Company Culture and Communication


Get to know VitalWare


Established in 2011, Vitalware® makes the business of healthcare easier with its industry-leading products for the mid-revenue cycle. Used by more than 1,000 hospitals, our mid-revenue cycle solutions provide visibility and continuity in coding, billing regulation, charge capture, and chargemaster management.


A place to work and play


In a time of hypergrowth, it’s easy for employees to disconnect from each other and from the company. With fully half of the employees working remotely, building and maintaining company culture was imperative. VitalWare even hired a company culture ambassador to surface cultural issues, and it soon became clear that the company needed a modern intranet that would become a virtual watercooler to share company news, information, and build and nurture relationships.


Everyone’s favorite new watercooler spot

85% adoption rate

With fresh, new corporate content and non work-related activities, the Simpplr-based intranet VitalConnect quickly became a favorite spot for employees to start their day.

Improved interdepartmental transparency

Site ownership spread across departments and put an end to siloed information.

Implemented in less than four weeks

Most of the implementation time was spent developing content. In less than a month, VitalConnect wa up and running—with no need to use IT resources.


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