WestEd connects its distributed workforce with Simpplr

"We initially selected Simpplr because of our shared vision of what an intranet should be like. What we did not realize back then is how much Simpplr would transform the way we work and collaborate."

Yvonne Gemmell Keene



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Success for every learner is WestEd’s prime focus and has been for five decades. A nonpartisan, nonprofit research, development, and service agency working with education and other communities throughout the United States and abroad, WestEd aims to improve education and other important outcomes for children, youth and adults.


Limited IT resources to manage intranet


WestEd had been relying on an outdated, homegrown intranet to help connect its distributed workforce. It was a flat application that only supported one-way communication and WestEd was finding it increasingly difficult to create, organize and distribute content. One of the most common complaints its employees had, was the inability of the platform to help them find the information they needed.


IT resources to manage intranet

Reduces email volume

Decreased IT and HR helpdesk support tickets

Increased efficiency and collaboration


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