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November 5, 2019

Simpplr launches Auto-Governance Engine™ so employee intranets stop becoming content dumping grounds

AI-Backed technology recognizes when intranet content is stale and helps keep it up-to-date

Simpplr, maker of internal communications and employee engagement software (that is marketed as today’s modern employee intranet), announced the launch of their new Auto-Governance Engine. Using backend AI, the engine helps surface and remove outdated content to ensure the intranet stays up-to-date with trusted information.

According to Simpplr Research, one of the primary reasons intranets fail is because they eventually become content dumping grounds. Very few businesses have had the processes and discipline to enforce content quality and keep their intranets up-to-date. This perpetuates a downward spiral because employees no longer trust the resource, eventually stop using the intranet, and struggle to find reliable resources.

“Today’s employees struggle with information overload, and constant change makes it’s difficult to maintain reliable sources of truth. This makes it hard for employees to do their work and stay engaged,” says Kathy Krumpe, COO of Future State, a communications consultancy and Simpplr customer. “We’re excited about how Simpplr’s Auto-Governance Engine will help us keep content up to date with reduced effort.”

How the Auto-Governance Engine works: The platform provides a variety of backend technologies to evaluate what content gets consumed and what becomes stale over time. The engine checks for content redundancies, monitors usage, incorporates search data, and allows content authors to set archiving parameters to help surface potentially outdated content to administrators. Simpplr spent over a year with customers in beta environments evaluating how content gets consumed and how machine learning can help reduce stale content.

“Like most software industries, machine learning and artificial intelligence show a lot of promise for innovation in our space, but it’s important first to understand what problems need solving,” says Dhiraj Sharma, founder, and CEO of Simpplr. “We’ve created an engine using AI on the backend to help keep intranet content up-to-date.”

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Simpplr makes internal communications and employee engagement software (that is marketed as today’s modern employee intranet). Simpplr’s software streamlines internal communication and forges employee connections. The results are telling: Customers are increasing employee engagement, improving productivity, and reducing employee turnover. For more information, visit