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Building Your Brand From the Inside Out

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About the Guest

Sophie Hamersley, Manager of Internal Communications at HubSpot

Sophie Hamersley

As HubSpot's Internal Communications Manager at HubSpot, Sophie Hamersley shares the company's unique culture and employer brand through storytelling and content creation to make HubSpot a magnet for top talent globally. With several years of agency experience at both a mid-size and boutique PR agencies, Sophie's work has spanned across a variety of consumer accounts, including food and beverage, technology, and corporate communications. Sophie is an alum of St. Michael's College in Vermont and when her mind isn't buzzing about the newest culture story angle, she's buzzing over Boston's latest new restaurant. Sophie is also the co-creator of HubSpot’s Culture Happens podcast, described as "a podcast about company culture and how to build happy, inclusive workplaces. Each episode features HubSpot employees and leaders who are passionate about diversity, employee growth, and more."

About the Episode

This episode features an interview with Sophie Hamersley, Manager of Internal Communications at HubSpot. With over a decade of experience under her belt, Sophie has held positions at fully integrated agencies such as RF|Binder and Image Unlimited Communications. Sophie joined HubSpot in 2018 as the Communications Manager of the Culture Team where she helped attract talent through storytelling. In this episode, Sophie and Amanda dive into all things related to company culture. They discuss why HubSpot treats culture like a product, who the best brand ambassadors are, and why communications should be delightful.

Time Stamps

  • 01:57

    Sophie’s current role at HubSpot

  • 03:36

    Segment: Storytime

  • 06:41

    Why HubSpot treats culture like a product

  • 10:19

    How Sophie is building an internal comms function around transparency

  • 19:53

    Why employees are the biggest brand ambassadors

  • 21:49

    Segment: Seat at the Table

  • 22:01

    Advice for internal comms folks struggling to get buy-in on employer brand

  • 26:40

    Delightful communications

  • 28:30

    Segment: Asking for a Friend

  • 30:36

    Challenges internal comms will face in the future