How to Hire for Internal Communications: Internal Communications Manager Job Description

By Hani Khan
As an organization grows, HR is slowly outgrowing the Internal Communications Manager role. Internal Communications involves many different participants ranging from executive leadership to managers to employees and doesn’t always involve only one department. Hiring an Internal Communications Manager helps streamline any communication that occurs within the organization and keeps employees engaged with the activities of different departments across the company. Get more insight into The State of Internal Communications here. 

The Internal Communication Manager Role

The internal communication manager is the eyes, ears, and voice of the organization. They’re responsible for correspondence between employees across various departments and the company’s management. With such an important role, the IC manager is of utmost value to any organization and are responsible for connecting employees with the right information and keeping your organization transparent and employees engaged! Follow along on a day in the life of our very own internal communications manager.

Sample Internal Communication Manager Job Description

As the IC Manager, you’ll be working to help employees across the organization stay up to date about the company’s vision, goals, projects and executive updates by leading strategic internal and executive communications programs. You will work across teams including Marketing, Human Resources, Product, Sales, and Engineering to support the brand mission and evolve brand story. The ideal candidate will be a skilled storyteller with a knack for interpersonal skills and a passion for creating experiences. The role will build a strong culture of collaboration to create experiences that engage, connect and inspire the community of employees!

IC Manager Core Responsibilities:

Develop and execute a strategic internal and executive communications plan: You will align internal and executive messaging with the company’s vision, mission, and product positioning.

Work cross-functionally across teams: You will work in close partnership with Human Resources, Marketing, Product, and Leadership to execute communication initiatives from concept to delivery.

Produce employee communications: Develop and author a variety of internal and executive communications including presentations, announcements, blogs to be delivered across a variety of communications channels. 

Manage the company’s internal communications channels: Maintain the editorial calendar (blogs, newsletters etc), research and develop quotes from people, write stories, shoot videos, and contribute to the Intranet.

Support leadership and company meetings: You will help craft the messaging and program through agenda, speaker selection and logistics.

Internal Communications Manager Qualifications:

Experience: 5-10 years of experience writing in a corporate environment. You’ve managed a variety of corporate communications channels, including corporate intranets, mobile, and internal social media channels. 

Strong executive communications experience: You can write and tailor content for specific audiences that demonstrates a deep understanding of messaging, positioning and stakeholder needs. 

Fearless when embracing technology: You’re comfortable learning new programs easily to enhance company-wide communication. 

Organized and creative: With news constantly changing, you’re able to adapt and change directions in an instant. You’re comfortable working at a face pace and are able to meet deadlines. 

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Today’s Internal Communications Manager holds many important communication roles and should be able to collaborate, engage, and empower your organization. Modern employee intranets help make the manager’s role easier by distributing relevant and important information in one central location. By giving this new role the right technological tools, you’re aligning the company and engaging employees to encourage communication.

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