Communicating with respect and empathy during turbulent times with Barbara Massa, Simpplr board member

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Simpplr Podcast Ep 38 with Barbara Massa, Simpplr board member

This episode features an interview with Barbara Massa, board member of Simpplr. Barbara has over 25 years of experience as a business operations leader driving workforce strategy and organizational effectiveness. Previously, she served Mandiant as the Executive Vice President and Chief of Business Operations, where she implemented the company’s first global HR system. Before joining Mandiant, Barbara led Talent & Diversity at McAfee, Inc. and was recognized for establishing a global talent management organization.

In this episode, Amanda sits down with Barbara to discuss leading through turbulent times, advising companies to be more human, and thoughtfully aligning internal partnerships.

02:02 Barbara’s background
13:32 Segment: Story Time
21:00 Segment: Getting Tactical
22:01 How Barbara meets desires in turbulent times
25:40 How leaders should incorporate transparency into strategies
31:39 Segment: Seat at the Table
36:56 Segment: Asking For a Friend
41:20 Barbara discusses recipe versus balance

Guest information

Barbara Massa

Barbara Massa is a strategic business operations leader with more than 25 years of experience driving innovation, workforce strategy and organizational effectiveness. She is especially skilled in scaling high-growth businesses and in recommending technology, people and process solutions to improve productivity and efficiency. Barbara has led people, technology and organizational readiness activities for a diverse range of businesses, from startup stages through IPO and secondary offerings. Her exceptional ability to attract and recruit top level talent, combined with her significant experience in IT and cybersecurity, mergers and acquisitions, pre-IPO, startup environments, and in mature Fortune 500 organizations, sets Barbara apart as a powerful advisor to companies looking to scale.

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