The role of internal communications in changing workplace culture

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Simpplr Podcast Ep 11 with Andréa Topper, Director of Internal Communications at Guardant Health

This episode features an interview with Andréa Topper, Director of Internal Communications at Guardant Health. Andréa’s path to internal comms has been anything but conventional. Starting out as a journalistic reporter and editor for publications like The Associated Press and Central Penn Business Journal, Andréa realized her passion for communicating with an audience. That passion took her to fitness company CrossFit, where she was in charge of content marketing.

On this episode, Andréa sits down with Amanda to discuss how she built an internal communications function from scratch, the dos and don’ts of altering workplace culture, and the components of a change management communication.

01:51 Andréa’s background
07:26 Andéa’s current role at Guardant Health
10:04 How Andréa built Guardant’s Internal Communications program
14:17 Segment: Story Time
14:44 How CrossFit shaped Andréa’s Internal Communications career
19:02 The dos and don’ts of changing culture
25:39 Segment: Getting Tactical
26:19 Relationship between change management and internal comms
32:13 Components of a good change communication
37:59 Segment: Seat at the Table
38:40 Advice for professionals who are struggling with change initiatives
41:59 Segment: Asking for a Friend

Guest information

Andréa Topper

Andréa is an internal-communications leader who’s passionate about the power of storytelling to motivate, inspire, and influence company culture — from CEOs to individual contributors.
She started her career as a journalist, moved into content marketing, and now is in corporate communications for her second biotech company. Andréa’s experience includes being a strategic communicator for both executive and employee communications in the biotech, life sciences, health, wellness, fitness, exercise science, and nutrition spaces. She has been targeting communications for global audiences through her 22-year career — from Guardant Health and Agilent Technologies, to CrossFit Inc. and The Associated Press.

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