Why every employee should be a leader with Betsy Leatherman, Global President of Consulting Services at Leadership Circle

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This episode features an interview with Betsy Leatherman, Global President of Consulting Services at Leadership Circle. Betsy has 10 years of experience transforming executives and middle managers into exceptional leaders. In her current role, Betsy helps clients become more effective leaders so they can make decisions that engage and motivate members of their organizations and customers they serve.

In this episode, Amanda and Betsy discuss leadership development, common mistakes leaders make during layoffs, and the two leadership orientations.

01:59 Betsy dives into leadership development  
08:35 Segment: Story Time
10:23 Why Betsy created a career in leadership development 
17:17 Segment: Getting Tactical
25:16 Betsy explains the two leadership orientations 
34:24 Segment: Ripped From The Headlines
34:54 Common mistakes leaders make during layoffs 
40:46 Segment: Asking For a Friend

Guest information

Betsy Leatherman

Betsy began her career at AON Corporation and after many successful years at this large multi-national corporation, moved to Carlson Companies to experience life inside the second largest privately held company in the world. These two vastly different organizations were paramount in giving Betsy the experiences to start her own firm. Betsy has, now, grown two organizations from the ground up both successfully clearing the $20 million dollar mark – one currently at $100 million and one, now, just over $40 on its way to much more. This range of experience in her own business allows her to coach from a visceral understanding of the weight and pressure leaders feel and how that impacts their thinking and thus choices and decisions.

For the last 9 years at Leadership Circle, Betsy has worked with Global Executive Teams at Microsoft, Accenture, Roche, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline and AbbVie Pharmaceutical. She has directly coached CEOs, Presidents and CFOs at Verana Health, Grail Biotech, Quicken Loans, Fastly, Burberry, and Central Payment Systems. Betsy has coached and worked with hundreds of Senior Leaders through Executive Development Programs at United Airlines, Syngenta, Henkel, Pixar Animation, Google, Salesforce, and Honda.

Betsy has served on four corporate boards – RAZR Marketing 2005 – 2008, Conscious Leadership 2013 – 2021, The Disruptive Element 2018-2019, Leadership Circle 2021 – present and one charity board, SuperSibs, supporting the siblings of children with cancer from 2005-2008.

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