Making the business case for a modern intranet

Modern intranet business case

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Modern intranet business case

Replacing or purchasing a company intranet comes at a cost. With so many competing priorities at the top, how do you begin to make an intranet business case for a modern intranet solution? And how do you demonstrate a clear return on investment on your business?

Making the Business Case for a Modern Intranet by Simpplr Research draws upon findings and learnings from internal communications and intranet practitioners who successfully balanced the needs of departmental priorities, corporate initiatives, and software ROI by building a compelling business case for a modern intranet.

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  • Gain an ROI framework to prove intranet value
  • Learn the most common use cases for building an intranet business case
  • Align internal communications priorities to meet your organization’s corporate initiatives
  • Differentiate between desired improvements and outcomes using a common framework
  • Build an effective case showing ROI through A/B testing and surveying


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