Nutanix Case Study: CIO Proves Modern Intranet ROI with A/B tests

Adopt this ROI framework to prove intranet value

A skeptical CIO, failed previous intranets, and the search to find a better, modern intranet. Implementing an intranet has its advantages, but risks as well. So, how do you measure ROI?

Wendy Pfeiffer, CIO of Nutanix, wanted to find a solution that would provide employees a single source of truth, with emphasis on finding reliable information. So she devised a series of A/B tests to prove Simpplr’s return on investment.

Download this case study to adopt the ROI framework that drove Nutanix:

  • 50% increase in time and efficiency with new hire onboarding
  • Improved FTR (First Time Right) Metrics
  • Drastically improved employee NPS

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