Intranet governance planning checklist


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Step-by-step intranet governance checklist to non-technical and technical requirements

According to Simpplr Research, the number one reason employee intranets fail is due to unclear ownership and a lack of governance. Since intranets are inherently built to connect employees across locations and functions, proper governance helps disparate functions align on the ongoing strategy that intranets execute against. To avoid the top reason for intranet failure, follow this step-by-step intranet governance checklist to successfully set up your structure.

In this governance planning and best practices checklist, you’ll find:

  • An intranet governance framework to cover all of your bases and ensure a successful employee intranet program
  • A series of checklists that cover the fundamentals of intranet governance including the scope, process, responsibilities, and implementation
  • A list of technical intranet software requirements that will help you properly manage and govern your intranet


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