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Intranet Security Checklist

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Stay vigilant to stay secure

Keeping your organization’s intranet safe requires vigilance — and our free intranet security review checklist is designed to help you stay ahead of ever-emerging security threats. Don’t let your organization become a statistic.

Failing security protocols leave organizations open to attacks, data loss, fines and more.

Our intranet security review checklist is designed as a companion to our step-by-step guide for evaluating and strengthening your intranet’s security and compliance. It covers areas including:

  • User management, data handling and storage, and coding practices
  • Data transmission, anomaly detection and policy reviews
  • Compliance certifications, performance metrics, incident response and more

The intranet security review checklist also reminds you to think about security awareness training and intranet usage policies. Addressing both the tech and human sides of the security equation is critical to create a robust intranet protection strategy. Building strong intranet security does not happen all at once — but with consistent upgrades, smart policy and training, you can feel confident your valuable organizational resources and data are safe within your network.


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