IC cheatsheet for optimizing AI prompts


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As internal communicators, we’re always looking for ways to do more with less. These days, artificial intelligence (AI) is the inexhaustible assistant that can help us free up time and streamline repetitive tasks. From creating content calendars and comms plans to drafting newsletters, FAQs and everything in between, AI’s got our back. Well, sort of. Generative AI tools rely on human touch to help ensure accuracy, context and nuance — so the better our input, the stronger AI’s output.

That’s where optimizing AI prompts comes into play. Use our free quickstart guide, the IC cheatsheet for optimizing AI prompts, to enhance prompts for some of the most common internal communications workflows:

  • Creating detailed content calendars for IC campaigns
  • Crafting compelling leadership comms
  • Generating newsletter topics for specific employee audiences
  • Outlining comprehensive comms plans for product launches
  • Writing insightful FAQs for reorgs

Download your free copy today to start refining general AI prompts into customized inputs that will produce high-quality results while freeing up time for more strategic work!


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