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You know what has a measurable impact on revenue, retention and employee happiness? Engaged leadership.

And hey, we get it. It can be tough for busy executives to find time for a comment, like or post on your intranet. So, what’s a solid way to start building a healthy executive intranet habit?

Use our free guide and checklist, Take the leadership engagement challenge. This will help make it easier to get leaders to do one thing every week, or better yet, every day, to show employees that the intranet is an important platform all around. Our guide includes real-world examples and step-by-step instructions in five key areas:

  • Forming habits like completing profiles and commenting on homepage content
  • Getting personal by posting photos from company events, sharing stories and more
  • Sustaining engagement by sharing content related to the company’s mission and values
  • Recognizing employees with personal messages and more
  • Leveraging video to share updates, celebrate successes, and get creative for engagement

Download your guide and worksheet today to create a culture of leadership engagement that will benefit your employees, your organization, and your bottom line.


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