Revolutionizing Internal Communications in Healthcare: A Playbook from Moffitt Cancer Center


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Webinar Details

This recorded session from the Internal Communications Virtual Summit delves into Moffitt Cancer Center’s journey of reinventing its internal communications amidst significant organizational changes. Katherine Kyne, Director of Corporate Communications, shares how the center navigated its growth challenges by leveraging intranet technology and fostering strong business partnerships.

The session highlights:

  • Kyne’s playbook, showcasing the strategic approach to engaging its 9,000 team members
  • The importance of synergistic partnerships with IT and HR
  • How Moffitt Cancer Center addressed the need for a social, engaging space

Register and learn how, despite geographical and digital barriers, the center’s approach maintained its core values and mission.

About the Presenter


Katie Kyne

Director of Corporate Comms, Moffitt Cancer Center

Katie leads a team responsible for publications and communications, supporting Moffitt’s 8,500 team members. Katie has a degree in finance from FSU and a master’s in communications management from USC. She and her husband are founders of the Be Fierce Foundation, a nonprofit they started in their daughter Aubrey’s memory to help kids with rare or undiagnosed medical conditions.


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