Introduction to the Modern Intranet in the Age of COVID-19

Connect employees to the broader organization

Organizations are realizing that Zoom and Slack aren’t enough to connect an all-remote workforce to the broader company.

As social distancing continues, organizations must provide a source of truth for employees and keep everyone connected or risk confusion and disengagement.

Meet Simpplr, the easiest way to connect and align remote employees. Simpplr is the modern employee intranet that helps companies streamline communications and provide a source of truth.

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  • Provide employees a single source for important company communications
  • Easily publish company updates and policy changes on the fly without no coding required
  • Transition to a productive and engaged remote workforce
  • Drive employee engagement and adoption with an easy and intuitive user experience
  • Transform the intranet into a digital workplace hub with integrations such as Salesforce, Box, Office 365, SharePoint, and Workday