Mastering Digital Employee Experience: Elevating Organizational Performance

Mastering Digital Employee Experience: Elevating Organizational Performance

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Webinar Details

Despite significant investment in employee engagement initiatives, levels of engagement in US companies remain largely unchanged. Traditional approaches overlook a crucial factor: the digital employee experience.

Join employee experience veteran and Simpplr’s Chief Insights Officer, Jordan Katz, for a webinar that delves into the pivotal role technology plays in shaping employees’ engagement, performance, and overall workplace satisfaction.

You will:

  • Understand the digital dilemma: Explore how technology influences employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Learn practical strategies: Gain actionable insights for designing a digital workplace that fosters productivity, collaboration, and retention.
  • Uncover real-time impact: Discover dynamic methodologies for deploying results and recommendations, enabling informed decisions that drive engagement.

Join us as we unravel the connection between digital employee experience and organizational engagement, empowering HR leaders and professionals to navigate this transformative landscape effectively.

About the Presenter

Jordan Katz

Jordan Katz


Jordan is the Chief Insights Officer for Simpplr, the leading AI-powered modern intranet and employee experience platform. In his practice, he focuses on advising organizations on the effective and impactful use of data and analytics, including the drivers of positive employee experience, to develop strategies that predict outcomes and increase performance.

As the former Global Head of Employee Experience (EX) Transition Programs and Global Head of Employee Experience Solutions Strategy – Public Sector for Qualtrics, Jordan was responsible for all aspects of growth within his vertical including forming the EX Partner Ecosystem and growing partner sourced revenue by ~90% YOY for 3 consecutive years. He was instrumental in growing the overall EX business from $20M to over $250M in ARR and increasing client retention from 50% to 92% by leveraging data and analytics to understand and apply the drivers of market growth and customer impact.

Jordan has consulted for hundreds of rapid growth SaaS companies as well as several world class global organizations like Zimmer, Korn Ferry, Mercer, Baxter, AB-Inbev, GM, Nationwide Insurance, Cardinal Health, The Federal Reserve System, Medtronic, Vanderbilt University Health System, NASA JPL, Fermi Lab, the Department of Defense, etc.

Jordan received a B.S. from Vanderbilt University, his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago Booth Graduate School of Business and a Certificate in Data Science and Analytics from M.I.T.


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