AI-powered real-time EX insights


Real-time, continuous AI insights to transform your employee experience

Unearth in real-time hidden employee insights that traditional surveys miss. Use these insights from a broad range of signals to accelerate the speed at which you adapt, respond and improve your employee experience and achieve better outcomes.

Identify insights quickly

Traditional and pulse surveys only scratch the surface. Sentiment AI delivers continuous, real-time insights below the surface that spotlight bottlenecks, challenges and other learning opportunities.

Address unspoken needs

Rapidly understand, adapt and respond to changing trends, attitudes before they become bigger issues that could impact a broader base of employees.

Drive measurable change

Empower managers with real-time unbiased insights to proactively address employee needs and foster a supportive culture and better overall employee experience.

Read between the lines of employee responses

Sentiment AI analyzes a broad range of sentiment data gathered throughout the Simpplr platform, incorporating pulse and traditional surveys, Sentiment Check, Awareness Check, and everyday employee interactions.

Measure sentiment in the moment

Use Sentiment Check to capture contextual and in-the-moment attitudes surrounding news and events rated on a scale from “very positive” to “very negative.”

Verify reach and alignment

Prompt employees to complete a questionnaire for comprehension after consuming content with Awareness Check so you know what sticks and where adjustments are needed.


Track trends in employee perceptions

Understand overall employee attitudes with the Perception Dashboard that analyzes pulse survey results, survey feedback, sentiment analysis, themes, and trend data.

Give managers new visibility into their team

Empower people managers with insights into their team engagement through the "My Team" dashboard, which displays employee health scores to facilitate meaningful involvement.


Get detailed audience breakdowns

Segment reporting by department, function, region, and more to identify pockets of high and low engagement and launch targeted interventions. 

Build and measure campaigns

Deliver messages and initiatives more strategically, using metrics to measure reach, consumption, and sentiment over time.


Happy Customers

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"Simpplr has enabled Quantcast employees to work more efficiently, productively and collaboratively. The technology supports our efforts in driving awareness and engagement among our global teams and helps Internal Communications make informed decisions about which priorities to focus on."

Justine Houser

Global Internal Communications Manager

"We initially selected Simpplr because of our shared vision of what an intranet should be like. What we did not realize back then is how much Simpplr would transform the way we work and collaborate."

Yvonne Gemmell Keene

Chief Information Officer


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