New Year’s Resolutions for You (and Your Intranet)

By Simpplr Marketing
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In January, many of us make resolutions to do something new or different in our lives. 

Along with getting to the gym or cutting down on junk food, it’s also a great opportunity to focus on making your work more effective and enjoyable!

The start of 2016 could be the perfect time to try a fresh approach, create new work goals or cross those tasks off your to-do list.

If you’re involved in a social intranet there are always opportunities to try something out. Here are eight suggestions for new year’s resolutions which could lead to a happy 2016 for both you and your intranet!

1. Conduct an experiment

Because a social intranet is so flexible and versatile, it’s a fantastic channel for innovation and experimentation. Have you had a great idea that you haven’t had time to execute? Is there a community that wants to push the envelope with their group site? Is there a big and bold initiative that senior management will love? January could be the time to kick a project off.

You could also set the bar high and try something out of your comfort zone that challenges and stretches your intranet and yourself. Even if an experiment isn’t one hundred percent successful, it may result in valuable learning or a related initiative.

2. Get those dull tasks done

There’s always more to do on your intranet. Make a list of those boring-but-essential tasks that are in the back of your mind but that you haven’t quite got around to doing. Now complete them! It’s a good feeling to get those things done so you can focus on more interesting activities that really add value.

3. Make some plans

Intranet folk are busy. They tend to get bogged down in operational matters, meaning it can be hard to focus on the bigger picture.

If you never have the time or the headspace to consider the future roadmap for your intranet, make a resolution to take time out to consider your future strategy. Perhaps go out of the office so you won’t get interrupted. Reference your wider organizational strategy to make sure your intranet plans align with overall company goals.

Alternatively, give your intranet some direction in the short-to-medium term by planning for five key new features, approaches or improvements to your intranet. Try to commit to dates for delivering these. Having a very specific roadmap or program demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement.

4. Tune your designs

Has your intranet design changed in recent years? Having a different look and feel can change perceptions of the intranet for users and stakeholders.

Consider starting the year with some tweaks to your homepage layout, design or features. This can encourage users to explore the intranet and discover content and features for the first time, even those that have actually been around for a while!

5. Give up doing something that you shouldn’t be doing

Social intranets tend to be managed in a decentralized way. Site and community managers should mainly run their own sites. If you end up doing too much of their work for them it can be a significant drain on your precious time.

Do things in a different way in the new year. Use training, resources and one-to-one sessions so content and site owners can stand on their own two feet and take more of a self-service approach to running their sites. They can tap you for your expertise and experience, rather than just asking you to carry out routine tasks.

6. Get to know your business

Your social intranet reflects all parts of your organization. The better you know your organization, the better your intranet can serve it.

Spending time with different groups, doing a roadshow, visiting different locations or scheduling a daily call are just some of the ways you can get to know your business better. Not only will you make valuable connections, but you can also start to explore the ways your social intranet can add value in a targeted way throughout the enterprise.

7. Form a group of community managers

Getting your community managers to network with each other is a great way to engage and motivate them to make their individual sites better.

Facilitating interaction and connection by organizing social events or establishing a community site for community managers will encourage the swapping of best practices, increase learning and even drive innovation. It can also foster a sense of community and healthy competition. All these will result in stronger sites on your intranet.

8. Don’t work too hard!

We love intranets, and we think they are critical for organizations. But it’s always important not to lose a sense of perspective. In the great scheme of things, intranets aren’t a matter of life and death. Above everything, make sure you enjoy a healthy, happy and peaceful 2016.

How about you?

We’d love to hear about your new year resolutions for the workplace, especially those to do with the intranet! What made a real difference? Were you able to stick to your resolutions? Let us know how you fare!

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