6 Signs Your Company Is Ready for a Digital Workplace

By Simpplr Marketing
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More and more companies are making the transformation from a standard office to an efficient digital workplace led by the latest technology. While initially, mostly larger companies saw the demand to create a digital workspace, the advancement and cost-effectiveness of digital technology have paved the way for even small and medium companies to embrace this power.

Just because it’s right for some companies, however, doesn’t mean it’s right for your company. It’s important to evaluate the specific needs of your company to make this determination. To help you through this decision-making process, here is a look at the top six signs that show your company is ready for a digital workplace.

1. Low Retention Rates

If your organization’s retention rates are lower than you’d like, outdated technology may be the culprit.

Retention rates are often linked to the overall health of the company. If your organization’s retention rates are lower than you’d like, outdated technology may be the culprit. According to a recent study, 50 percent of millennials state that they would think about quitting a job due to outmoded technology. Considering the fact that millennials are predicted to comprise 75 percent of the workforce by 2020, it is vital that companies, even small and medium-sized companies, create a work environment for this emerging labor market.

2. Lack of Mobility

The mobile transformation has changed the work environment for organizations across the globe. In many cases, the standard office space or cubicle is no longer enough. A recent report predicts that half of the country’s workforce will be freelancers by 2020. Even companies without freelancers have more employees working remotely than ever before. It is important for your company to be prepared to make this shift in the upcoming years.

3. Difficulty Recruiting Top-Quality Candidates

Are you currently having difficulty recruiting top-talent candidates? If so, a digital workplace can help you with the recruitment process. Going digital will give your HR team an effective platform for managing and filtering through job applicants and enable you to identify the top candidates.

4. Outdated Onboarding Process

If your onboarding consists merely of completing the necessary new hire paperwork, it is definitely time to rethink the process. Digital workplace technology is allowing companies to start the onboarding process well before the employee’s start date. According to an Aberdeen study, 83 percent of high-performing companies begin onboarding prior to day one on the job. This can improve time-to-productivity rates, employee engagement, and retention. Most importantly, preboarding helps new hires assimilate into the company faster and more efficiently.

5. Poor Employee Communication

If you’ve had complaints about communication within the workplace, a digital workplace can help.

In an Interact/Harris Poll, 91 percent of the employees surveyed listed poor communication as one of the top workplace issues. Even well-meaning companies make communication mistakes and often miss the mark when it comes to clear, accurate and consistent communication with their employees. If you’ve had complaints about communication within the workplace, a digital workplace can help. This level of technology enables the HR team, managers and executives to communicate instantly with employees. This, in turn, promotes employee engagement, boosts productivity, improves customer services and increase employee satisfaction.

6. Murky Company Culture

Today’s workers aren’t only concerned with salary and benefits. They want to work for a company where they fit into its culture. If your company doesn’t have or display a clear and effective company culture, many high-quality candidates will simply look elsewhere. A digital workplace can ensure consistency and provide you with a platform to highlight your culture, not just to your current workforce but to all prospective candidates.

If you recognize one or more of these issues with your company, a digital workplace is the most effective solution. Integrating digital technology promotes employee engagement and collaboration, boosts employee morale and, most importantly, provides an excellent return on investment. If you are ready to take the next step, Simpplr can help. Our employee experience platform and collaboration tools can drive engagement, increase retention and boost productivity.

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