Simpplr recognized as one of the fastest growing SaaS companies on the SaaS 1000

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Today, we learned that Simpplr placed on the Q1 2018 SaaS 1000 list. This is a recurring list that identifies the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world. It includes the largest SaaS companies as well as smaller startups and is updated quarterly. Simpplr currently placed #62, our highest position to date.

Simpplr SaaS 1000

We appreciate being recognized for our hard work and growth, but the list is special to us because Simpplr’s technology is built, in part, to help companies like these manage their growing pains. We’ve seen time and again how hard it is for organizations to connect employees and maintain their culture.

Particularly for high growth SaaS companies, we see the following scenario replaying: When the company is small (for example, 200 employees) they had an amazing culture: Their product was winning. Everyone collaborated. Customers love them. The success leads to more investment, more departments, more locations, and more people. In a blink of an eye, these companies can have thousands of employees spread around the world. All of a sudden, it is harder for coworkers to stay connected, be in the know, and maintain the same ‘awesome’ culture they once had.

Simply put, Simpplr’s technology is built to help connect employees, align an organization, and give employees the knowledge they need to do their job. When done right, this leads to more collaboration among coworkers, a more engaged workforce, and lower involuntary turnover. Not only are we using our own technology to help facilitate our growth, but many of the other SaaS 1000 companies are also Simpplr customers including, Workday, Splunk, AppDynamics, Docusign, and others.

Watch the OnDemand demo below to experience how Simpplr’s technology helps high-growth leaders connect, engage, and align their entire workforce across the enterprise.

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