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Simpplr honored as Stevie® Award Winner in 2018 American Business Awards®

Written by

Simpplr Marketing


August 21, 2018



I am excited to announce that we were named the winner of a Bronze Stevie® Award in the Collaboration/Social Networking Solution category in The 16th Annual American Business Awards®. The American Business Awards® are the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program. This year, the Stevie®  Awards received more than 3,700 nominations from a wide range of organizations, public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, large and small.

Collaboration and social networking solutions certainly aren’t new, but most solutions on the market today haven’t adapted to new business realities. The number of ‘productivity’ tools has absolutely skyrocketed, with the average employee being required to access up to 11 different systems to do their job. How many of you can relate to this image below?


At the same time, the world of work is becoming more and more distributed making it harder for employees to stay connected with their coworkers. Did you know, that even a company with more than 500 employees is scattered across more 12 offices according to the US Census Bureau?


Both trends have made employees counterproductive, confused, disconnected, and ultimately less engaged. This is where we come in. Simpplr aspires to deliver a better and more connected digital workplace, anywhere. By focusing on what matters, our platform brings digital workplaces to life making it possible for businesses to connect, engage, and empower their entire workforce across the enterprise.

How do we do it?

  • We provide an unmatched, immersive User Experience (UX): UX is critically important for an app that is used across the enterprise. Employees need to know how to use it without training and want the experience to be similar to design standards they experience in their personal apps. The Simpplr user interface helps employees find the information and people they need to do their job and makes it easy to find information without a lot of clicks and cumbersome workflows.
  • We empower business users to administer: Workplace technologies of the past required highly technical IT resources to configure, update and maintain. This created a bottleneck for organizations. With point-and-click administration that can be distributed, administration can now be spread across geos, departments, and individuals. This is critical in driving adoption across the org. If IT becomes a bottleneck, time lags, people look for shortcuts, content gets stale, the solution dies.
  • We play nice with today’s leading cloud-based technologies: As the number of productivity apps is skyrocketing, employees are struggling to find information. We connect our customers’ digital workplaces with deep integrations with today’s leading cloud-based applications.
  • We are intelligent: AI and machine learning help users search for and have information surfaced without them having to spend a lot of time hunting for it.

Want to learn more? Watch the OnDemand demo below to experience how Simpplr’s technology helps organizations connect, engage, and align their entire workforce across the enterprise.

Watch our on-demand demo now.

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