The Connection Between Senior Leadership and Corporate Culture

By Hani Khan
“Senior management is the embodiment of corporate culture.” according to Dhiraj Sharma, Founder, and CEO of Simpplr.

Leadership has an immediate impact on corporate culture which includes employee engagement, office ambiance and the success of its customers. The foundation of culture must empower employees to work towards the company’s mission and realize the impact of their contribution to the organization’s ultimate goals. 

With record low unemployment and the hunt for top talent, company culture and by extension, leadership management can have a big impact on hiring. Happy Employees = Good Culture = Successful Company.

Top ways to lead your company to a winning culture: 

Be deliberate. The first step to creating a leadership driven corporate culture is to design it. Identify and document what’s important to your organization, clearly communicate this with others, and get everyone on the same page about your culture. Next, incorporate culture in your hiring process and hire only those who are the right fit. Lastly, lead by example! Even the most independent employees look to leadership for guidance.

Don’t hide. Communication is a key part of leadership; make sure you’re heard. Send frequent company wide updates (like this one from Simpplr’s CEO!), hold informal town halls, make site visits, and post recurring intranet communications. Work with your internal communications team to print wins on digital signage, goals on posters, and values on T-shirts.

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