Simpplr Research: State of the Internal Communications Benchmark Survey 2019

By Simpplr Research
Are you in internal communications? We invite you to participate in Simpplr Research's State of the Internal Communications Benchmark Survey 2019!

Every year, Simpplr Research commissions research to understand employee communications trends and challenges. This year, Simpplr Research invites internal communications professionals to participate in our State of Internal Communications Benchmark Survey. In this 2019 benchmark survey, we seek to understand internal communications as it relates to organizational alignment, employee engagement, and corporate intranets. Your privacy is protected and we will not share any information.

All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the 2019 State of the Internal Communications research report to benchmark their programs. Additionally, you will have a chance to win a Google Nest Hub at the end of the survey.

Take the 5-min survey here

Simpplr Research Internal Communications Intranet Benchmark Survey 2019

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