[Webinar Recap & Recording] Driving Intranet Success with Analytics and Focus


We were excited to welcome Susan Jablonski back to join us in presenting our webinar with IABC, Driving Intranet Success with Analytics and FocusIn this webinar, we shared the importance of defining your intranet’s purpose, understanding why it matters in the overall scheme of strategic priorities, and how to align your intranet initiative with strategic priorities.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Specific case study examples of how organizations have aligned their intranet initiatives with strategic priorities
  • How to measure and analyze whether your intranet is moving the needle
  • Tips on how to position your intranet in a more strategic light

Short Summary: Driving Intranet Success with Analytics and Focus Webinar

Align your intranet with executive priorities

Aligning your intranet initiative with strategic priorities is critical in proving business value to your broader organization. When your intranet’s purpose is defined, initiatives from the bottom roll up to meet C-Suite priorities.

Some examples of strategic priorities include:

  1. Rebranding
  2. M&A
  3. Transforming a culture
  4. Driving employee engagement
  5. Increasing retention

How to measure intranet business value

We also shared a strategic priority and business value matrix that gives you more specific examples of initiatives that roll up into your strategic priority. In addition, we share ways to measure business value. This is an example you’ll find in the presentation deck:

Strategic Priority How to Measure Intranet Success | Business Value Examples of specific initiative
Transform Communication
  • Reduce time spent searching for documentation
  • Improve intranet’s NPS
  • Track daily adoption rates
  • Increase IT/Comms/HR team productivity (time saved)
  • Decrease internal IT/HR support tickets
  • Decrease OpEx to maintain internal communication systems (IT, HR, or Comms)
  • Self-Service to FAQs
  • Reduce / Eliminate mass emails
  • Replace a legacy intranet
  • Propagate important announcements
  • Empower intranet publishers
  • Connect people to content

Using intranet analytics to build your case

Lastly, we talked about using analytics to build and prove your case. Watch the full presentation below to learn more about what types of analytics and measurements to focus on.

Want more information? Let us know!

There were a lot of gold nuggets in this webinar presentation for driving intranet success, so if you missed it, we highly encourage you to contact us if you’d like a copy of the slide deck presentation or other materials. Please send an email directly to jamie@simpplr.com. In addition, if you have any questions for Susan, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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