[Webinar Recap] Flywire: Centralizing and Streamlining Communications Through Global Rapid Growth


Customer case study webinars are a popular asset to both Simpplr customers and prospects. And it was no different with this recent webinar, led by Brandi Stawicki from Flywire. Brandi is responsible for managing Flywire’s Global People operations and internal communications for the People team, in addition to managing and growing the intranet.

Brandi presents her story: Centralizing and Streamlining Communications Through Rapid Growth. In this webinar, Brandi shares how she defined the intranet content strategy while utilizing existing technology (Slack) to scale culture and communications as Flywire was experiencing rapid growth.

Like many fast-growing companies, rapid business growth comes with its unique set of challenges, particularly in:

  • Internal communications
  • Aligning culture
  • Company knowledge and information
  • Policies and procedures

When Flywire reached about 200 employees, there was an internal demand for central communication that led to a disparate company information spread across applications such as Wiki, Slack, Google Suite, and Box. This fragmented knowledge made it extremely difficult for employees to collaborate, stay informed, and onboard.

Spearheaded by Flywire’s IT and Marketing executives, Simpplr became an attractive solution to address Flywire’s growing pain of lacking a single source of truth. Flywire evaluated Simpplr based on:

  1. Simplicity and attractiveness
  2. Intuitive interface, ease-of-adoption
  3. Search
  4. Integrations
  5. Distributed administration
  6. Newsletter
  7. Personalization

In Centralizing and Streamlining Communications through Rapid Growth, Brandi shares Flywire’s initial content strategy and how she was able to successfully differentiate and transition employees from using Slack to strategically using Simpplr as the single source of truth for employees. 

Watch the on-demand webinar and learn how Flywire:

  • Streamlined internal communications across 10 global offices
  • Designed content strategy to scale their unique company culture
  • Utilized existing technologies such as Slack to promote the intranet as the main vehicle of communication

Brandi also shares the outcomes of the transition to Simpplr, including best practices and analytics. This is a webinar you don’t want to miss – view the on-demand demo now!

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