[Webinar Recap & Recording] Where Mobile Belongs in Your Intranet Strategy

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In today’s changing world, it’s important to have a mobile strategy if you want to connect, align, and engage your entire workforce. 

With the workforce becoming more distributed, mobile usage has become ubiquitous in both our personal and professional lives.

In Where Mobile Belongs in Your Intranet Strategy webinar, we walk through several trends that are impacting us in both our personal and professional lives. It’s important that we recognize these mobile trends so that we’re effective in creating intranet mobile strategies. In many cases, businesses are now built mobile-first to accommodate this phenomenon. But before we buy into a mobile-only intranet approach, we need to acknowledge that it is a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t work for all businesses.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The mobile landscape and increasing mobile app trends in the workplace
  • Why mobile-only is a one-size-fits-all solution (and doesn’t work for everyone)
  • How to incorporate an intranet mobile app to your existing intranet strategy

Where Mobile Belongs in Your Intranet Strategy [Summary]

Trends in the workplace

Intranet strategy - effects of a workforce that is more mobile and spread out

Trend #1: Our world is becoming more and more distributed with an increasingly millennial workforce and people expecting to work from anywhere.

Why this is important: We’re becoming more distributed and less connected. It’s getting harder to connect and align your organization, and even harder to engage your employees.

Trend #2: We’re seeing a shift in internet consumption away from desktop and to mobile.

Why this is important: Be where they are. Mobile is here to stay, and we need to be keen on where people prefer to go, so we know how to reach and engage them.

Trend #3:  We consume content on our mobile phones through apps. There have never been so many apps available to download.

Why this is important: You need a mobile app to be successful in your mobile strategy

Where mobile fits into your intranet strategy

If you want to be successful in your mobile strategy, you need an app. We analyzed the top five personal and work apps and drew several themes from the most addictive apps people use in their everyday lives. We took these themes and created a framework for your mobile intranet app. To learn more, watch our on-demand webinar.

A mobile-only strategy is a one-size-fits-all solution

Mobile-Only Intranets

Don’t fall into the mobile-only intranet approach if you have both knowledge workers and non-desk workers. It doesn’t work. We found that we’ve eclipsed over 50% of people consuming content on mobile, but the other half is still using desktop to consume information. In addition, we found that consumption and readership are higher on mobile, but two-way feedback, content creation, and engagement remains higher on desktop.

Why you need to a single intranet for both desktop and mobile

In short, you need to reach everyone in your workforce in order to align, connect, and engage. Mobile and desktop should be available ubiquitously and should be access points for your employees. More importantly, there needs to be an additional intranet medium so that we can cut through the chatter and competing sources of information that inundates people day-to-day.

Additive benefits with a mobile app to your intranet strategy

Here are a few benefits that an app can provide and supplement your desktop intranet:

  • Make your intranet mobile app addicting
  • Keep the company directory in your pocket
  • Cut through the chatter with push notifications and text messaging
  • Encourages the right kind of  ‘social’

To learn how to incorporate mobile effectively in your intranet strategy, watch our on-demand webinar here.

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