Announcing the Simpplr Podcast

By Hani Khan
Simpplr is excited to announce the official launch of The Simpplr Podcast! In the midst of remote work, we wanted to find a way to share the best tips and tricks to engage your employees and keep them aligned with company news. 

What is The Simpplr Podcast?

Each episode of The Simpplr Podcast is focused on creating a workplace where employees come to work inspired, do their best, and go home (or in 2020’s case, stay home) fulfilled. Simpplr is on a mission to make this happen.

For our first series, join us for intranet content ideas that align both employees and executives. The series is available now everywhere and accompanies Simpplr’s ‘Definitive Intranet Content Playbook’ which focuses on several practical content tips organizations can use to keep employees coming back to the intranet.

A big part of internal communications planning involves managing an editorial calendar and keeping engaging content ideas coming. For intranets, content is king! Without engaging content, users don’t have an incentive to repeatedly return to your intranet. Thus, this podcast series is focused on helping organizations consistently beat the drum with engaging, fresh content ideas.

How You Can Listen to The Simpplr Podcast

You can now listen to our first series consisting of 9 episodes on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Spotify. You’ll also be able to read blogs or ebooks that accompany each episode at

We have some great series lined up that are coming soon. We hope you find our podcast helpful for your internal communications and employee engagement needs and if you like what you hear, help spread the word by subscribing and sharing with your colleagues.   

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